What an inviting view! A hot daddy in an open bath robe with his dick at full attention just waiting for me! I have always found robes on an old man really hot. Probably because my grand father used to wear them. The mere thought of opening an older gentleman’s robe and having his cock before me makes me incredible horny.

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Anyway this chubby older gent would well and truly get to rate my blowjob skills sitting there like that! I would all over that exposed penis with my tongue doing laps of his hairy balls and you better believe that bathrobe is not getting done back up til I have his hot cream all over my lips!!

This photo of bearded older gent reminded me a hot random gay encounter I had many years ago. I was out hiking and this older guy and I crossed paths not far from the start of the tack. He was wearing jeans which I thought was a bit odd but it was winter time and a cold day. We chatted a bit and started off walking together.

stranger blowjob

It soon became clear he was gay and quite horny. When we stopped for a rest and drink of water I noticed a bulge in his jeans. We both knew what was what right there. I put the water bottle down and we went further into the bushland.

My hands were trembling as I fumbled with his belt buckle. When I finally yanked his fly down his big erection popped out and nearly hit my face haha! His cock was old but it was long and thick and I remember the salty taste of it as I worked my tongue all up and down his sweaty manhood.

Other walkers passed us without noticing and he laughed as they passed us and I was still sucking his dick. Finally he started grunting and groaning and shot a few intense loads down my throat. He didn’t want to suck me which was fine but he gave me a really hot handjob that left my legs trembling.

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Wow look at this salt and pepper haired daddy. No I’m not talking about a shitty rap duo from the nineties! I imagine this guy would be around fifty. His hair is greying and he is getting more fur on his torso too with age.

hairy torso

To many this is perfect age for a silver daddy and to you I hope you enjoy these photos of him as much as I did. He undresses slowly and had me longing for him to drop his underwear so I could see that cock.

silver dad

While this guy isn’t really a bear by most peoples standards, he is burly and hairy enough for me. You can find the full photo series and video of him at Pantheon Bear as well as many more mature bears that are ready to play.

Not the oldest of daddies for you today but the endowment of both these middle aged men should bring a smile to your faces. First up is an older cowboy. He has his hat cocked and is holding the base of his thick tool like he is ready to put somewhere warm and wet. I’ve got the perfect place he can store that fat prick!

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The other guy is Arabic and I love his fat juicy cock. I bet he loves having it sucked when his wife is away. That cock ring makes me think this naughty dad has been pumping his penis to make it even bigger and thicker for his play mates.

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I love this particular photo of an elderly grandpa naked and working his garden. It’s such a great shot and very sexy too. I am sure many of us older male admirers will enjoy this pic.

naked outdoorsman

Wearing only his work gloves and socks he pulls weeds and tends to his little herb garden out in the warm sun. His small cock dangles tantalizingly between his legs as he crouches. Hmmm I bet grandpa will be all hot and sweaty after working in the yard… anyone want to give him a sponge bath?

These two fat older men look like they are having fun. While they are both big beefy sort of guys one is covered in hair and the other is smooth. It makes for a nice contrast as the two get down and dirty for some hot male to male action.

bears blowing each other

They start off kissing roughly. Their tongues probing and exploring one another’s mouths before one drops down to his knees so he can get a mouthful of fat cock. His fuck buddy returns the favor and blows him before they move onto the main course.

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The smooth dad gets behind his furry partner and pushes his hard dick between his buns and butt fucks him. The bear moans and moans as his asshole gets pounded by his lover.

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This hot muscular mature reminds me a gent I see at my gym sometimes. About the same age with low body fat and some very nice muscle development. He is very fit and strong for his age. I don’t think he is gay but I can’t help but fantasize about a hot locker room encounter with him.

gym body

This balding older hunk looks really hot in these pictures. He is quite hairy with a nice covering of fur all over his muscled torso and his beefy thighs. He has big uncut cock too and in the second shot his long hard boner is pointing north big time! Makes me wanna give him a handjob!

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Another nice hot and steamy fantasy story with photo for you today courtesy of Phil. Enjoy.

I was staying in a rundown backpacker type accommodation for a couple of days while traveling through Europe. It had shared facilities of course which was to be expected. I walked down to take a shower and discovered an old guy already in the one cubicle. He was lathering himself up with soap and I noticed his rather large and semi erect penis.

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He saw me standing there with my towel and shower gear and asked in a very broken English if I wanted to join him. I was very shocked but his smile said it all. I looked at his incredible thick cock again and decided it was worth the risk. I undressed and his eyes were all over my body.

I entered the shower block with him and his hard wet cock pressed firmly up against my bare ass. We rubbed each other with hot soapy water and he kissed me roughly while his fingers explored my wet hole.

I dropped to my knees and started sucking that gloriously thick meaty cock. I stuffed as much of his meat into my mouth as I could as he fucked my face. An explosion of hot salty cum flowed into my mouth and he grunted. Later I let him fuck me in the ass with that big tool and I was sore for days!

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