Bear Daddy

Wow look at this salt and pepper haired daddy. No I’m not talking about a shitty rap duo from the nineties! I imagine this guy would be around fifty. His hair is greying and he is getting more fur on his torso too with age.

hairy torso

To many this is perfect age for a silver daddy and to you I hope you enjoy these photos of him as much as I did. He undresses slowly and had me longing for him to drop his underwear so I could see that cock.

silver dad

While this guy isn’t really a bear by most peoples standards, he is burly and hairy enough for me. You can find the full photo series and video of him at Pantheon Bear as well as many more mature bears that are ready to play.

Wow what a furry daddy we have for you today. Fans of very hairy men will love this over 40 mature I am sure. There is barely a part of his body not covered in hair. It’s a love or hate it type of thing for most and we try to keep everyone happy here, so enjoy.. or not haha.

bear dick

I think the first pic of him below is one of the hottest we have posted in the bear category. Imagine running your fingers through all that hair on his muscled torso and maybe then your tongue too as you work your way down to that hot cock. Or maybe it’s the prospect of rimming his hairy asshole that makes you hard?

hot ass

You can see the full photo series as well as video of this hairy man at Pantheon Bear. They have loads of beefy older guys just waiting for you.

A hot furry daddy for all you bear lovers today. This gay has a medium covering of hair all over his slightly chubby body. The most is the big patch of grey hair on his chest. I know a young twink you loves that kind of guy. He would be offering up his smooth little asshole to this hairy stud to do with what he may. I’ve rimmed his tasty 19 year old ass many times so I know this furry hunk would be in for a real treat.

grey chest hair

suck these balls

hard dicks

These are just a few photos from the full series. I really enjoyed the full set and watching this hirsute mature gay play with his cut cock till it was rock hard. I bet this horny daddy knows how to fuck a eager ass too. I’d love to have that thick meat stick up my bum!

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This older bald bear has no trouble finding keen young bottoms to play with in his area. He likes them young and slim – the opposite of himself. It’s common to see this sort of gravitation towards opposite types amongst gay and bi-sexual men looking to hook up for sex. Many like to indulge in the daddy and son fantasy role playing and after seeing this burly bear disrobe I am not surprised there a whole bunch of cute young twinks lining up to service this daddies juicy cock for him.

bald males

hairy ass

bear cock

This mature bear has a very fury torso and multiple piercings. Guys love licking his hairy chest and armpits before working their way down his fur covered belly to his thick cut cock.

I was wondering just how hairy his ass was when he turned around and playfully spread his cheeks. A nice furry asshole awaits any toyboy lucky enough to score an evening with him. He likes the feeling of a curious tongue licking and probing it.

See more of this sexy bald man at Pantheon Bear, along with hundreds more hunky older males.

While this guy is not the hairiest we have ever featured he has a pretty good covering of light fur all over his toned muscular physique. That shot of him with a just towel over his bulge is very sexy huh? Makes you wonder just what sort of goodie package is lying underneath and waiting.

covered cock

We don’t have to wait long to find out luckily. He drops the towel and sits back with hands behind his head with his big dick semi rigid. It’s like he is just waiting for you to kiss and lick his hairy torso and then give him a hot blowjob. Damn I would be all over that!

hirsuite gentleman

His got a fucking hot hairy ass too. Love this picture of him bent over with those buns slightly parted and that big juicy dick dangling between his powerful thighs. My tongue wouldn’t know where to start if presented with that!

hot hairy ass

You can find more pictures of this hirsute stud at Hot Older Male as well as hundreds more sexy silver daddies in the nude and in gay sex scenes with other old guys.

Now this is one hairy bear! For those of you that like your men big, beefy and fury this guy is bound to make you wet. It seems there is not a square inch of his burly body not covered in man fur. Well, I tell a lie. His big juicy cock is smooth!

very hairy man

I love the shot of him lying back like that. Makes me wanna climb on top of this powerful hunky bear and massage his hairy chest while I guide his dick up my ass. Love to ride this stud and rub his thick muscular torso at the same time.

hairy bear

You can find the full series of photos and video of this mature bear at Pantheon Bear. Treat yourself to membership to their site to see hundreds of men like him.

Wow was all I could utter when I saw the magnificent cock on this furry chested stud. I love that first shot of his fat cock head popping out of his underwear. That meat helmet looks so tasty and fun to suck on. I couldn’t wait for him to drop his drawers completely so I could get a proper look at his glorious manhood in all it’s glory.

hairy stud

When he did let that fat wang out I was not disappointed. While not huge in length it’s perfectly proportioned and that bulbous head is just begging to be licked and sucked on til he fills your mouth with sperm. I like that he shaves his balls too and how it contrasts against the rest of his hairy and stocky body.

fat cock

If you like these pictures you can see the full series as well as video footage at Pantheon Bear, along with many more big and burly beefcakes.

Yowza! I was seriously drooling when I caught a look at the thick black cock on this powerfully built older black man. That is an impressive looking tool and I found myself wanting to kneel before him and worship it like it deserves. Looks like he is using a ring to keep it hard but he wouldn’t need that if he was my special fuck daddy! I would keep that fat chocolate cock erect constantly as I worked my tongue up and down that salty meat pole.

mature black man

We don’t see all that many old black guys doing nudes for some reason. It’s a shame as I like seeing them… especially when they are as hung as this well muscled senior stud.

thick black cock

I’ve only posted a couple of his photos here. You can find a lot more of his pics at Hot Older Male as well as video footage. Become a member and see hundreds of naked old men of all shapes, size and color.

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