Bear Daddy

This pic of a hunky dad rubbing baby oil all over himself is pretty fucking hot huh? I think so. I am big on massages and love giving them even more than receiving them. I was once dating an older man that was quite furry like this gent. I used to love rubbing warm oil all over his hairy chest and then working my way down to his thick cock. He never shaved and he had a lot of pubic hair. Of course that area got special attention… We went through a lot of oil haha!

oil massage

Needless to say once that juicy cock was all lubed up with oil I would put it to good use. Climbing on top of his wet slippery body was an erotic thrill. I’d guide his wet greasy pole up my ass and tongue kiss my burly daddy as he fucked my tight asshole. We would then swap positions and I would get my turn.

Now here is one hot slab of grade-A prime beefcake! It’s Zak Spears who is one seriously hot muscle hunk. I love rugged looking studs like him. He is not over muscular like a lot of the bodybuilding steroid junkies, instead he is just a powerful looking manly man. That furry chest and belly is so sexy. The type of powerful torso I could spend hours looking at.

nude beefcake

muscle hunk

rugged stud

As he pulls his trousers down you just know this hunk is gonna have a big dick. When that thick pierced cock flops out it does not disappoint either. I can just imagine the brutal ass fucking this big brut is capable of dishing out! I’d happily volunteer to take whatever he could hand out!

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When I saw this beefy Arab hunk with his shirt off my eyes were running all over his hairy torso. Lying on his back in just his jeans this burly dad looked really hot and a whole lot of fun. I looked longingly at the bulge in his Levis wondering what sort of treat lay beneath. I didn’t have to wait too long as it turned out. He slowly undid his leather belt and then began unbuttoning his fly. He reached in and freed his penis from their tight confinement. And what a glorious tool it is! Big and fat his circumsized manhood had me practically drooling as he stroked it up and down while flirting with the camera.

Arab cock

As he laid on his back with one arm behind his head and the other tugging on his fat juicy cock I dreamed of making love to this hairy Arabic man. I’d lick his hairy arm pits and then all down his furry chest and belly before getting to that plump penis. I’d lick his balls and then that shaft would get a thorough tonging before I took every inch of it into my eager mouth.

Arabic stud

I would not let this hirsute mature cum yet though. I would want a ride on that thick 8 inch member first. Running my hands through the hair on his barrel chest as he pumped my asshole hard I think I would be in heaven.

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The word that comes to mind immediately when I see this hot mustache daddy is ‘beefcake’. I love a big and beefy older guy like him and my eyes were glued to his beautiful body as he started undressing. I wanted to run my hands all over his hairy chest and then slowly down to his waist.


I was happy enough just to look at this hunky beefcake without his shirt but once he took his underwear off and let his big fat cock out I was overcome with lust and my eyes were locked onto his meaty manhood. The though of laying this sexy silver fox down on his back and sucking his big balls and cock filled my mind as did riding his hot pole while kissing him roughly.

burly bear

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I’m not normally all that big on bears in leather and the whole domination thing but I think I could make an exception for this bloke. Call me shallow but I fell in lust with that big glorious cock of his. I like the way it hangs out of that pouch and is ready for servicing… and believe me I would service that hot meat all night long! When he turns around you will see his ass less leather chaps also provide plenty of opportunities!

leather daddy

hung bear

leather chaps

So what would you do with this furry daddy? Would you let him bend you over and have his way with your asshole. You’d need to be ready to accommodate a big thick dick like his. Or maybe you would want to fuck his hairy butt?

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Goddamn this mature bear has got one suckable looking piece of meat. When he opened his jeans fly and let that big thick cock poke out I was all eyes. It just looks so juicy and that fat pronounced cock head would feel wonderful poking down my throat. He started undressing and revealed a lean but muscular physique.

thick bear cock

bear stud

I wanted to run my hands all over his hard hairy chest and stomach. He then unbuckled his denims and let that fat dick out to play. As he stroked his manhood it got even bigger and resembled a meat rocket! Mmmm that is one rocked I would love to have fired up my ass. I would be this gay bear daddies fuck slut all night and let him pound my asshole with that bear can thick member.

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Now here is a sexy muscle daddy that I would love to ravish all night. I’m a sucker for a big beefy hunk like this and the sight of that powerful furry chest and hairy abs make me weak at the knees. His burly torso is like a devils playground for a bear daddy admirer like me. The mere thought of running my hands over that muscular body and covering it with kisses gets me rock hard.

furry chest

hairy abs

muscle bear

This man actually reminds me a lot of a football couch I had when I was a teen. I was always excited by him and the days he had his shirt off at training I could barely take my eyes off him. He incorporated swimming into our training at one stage and I got to see him in Speedos. I was struggling to hide my boner as I lusted after his muscular body.

Later in the shower block he slid his black briefs off and took a shower. My eyes were glued to his muscular and hairy buttocks and beefy thighs as he soaped himself up. I just stood there memorized by this handsome hunk of a man and I think I jerked off to this memory of him showering naked for months. Ah those were great times!

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I got really turned on by this powerfully built bear daddy when I was browsing his photos at Hot Older Male. I have always been really attracted to big hunky older men like him dressed in suits. I think it goes back to the time I was working for a guy who fit that description to a tee. He wasn’t gay or anything but I loved being around him and used to fantasize about work situations where he and I would have sex right there in the office.

suit daddy

mature bear

power bear

It never happened of course but still it was nice to slip into the bathroom at work and jerk off while dreaming I was sucking his fat cock through his suit fly or taking his big dick in my ass. I know he had a really thick cock too because he fucked one of the receptions and heard her telling the other office girls in graphic detail about it plus I was checking out his bulge every chance I got hah!

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