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What an inviting view! A hot daddy in an open bath robe with his dick at full attention just waiting for me! I have always found robes on an old man really hot. Probably because my grand father used to wear them. The mere thought of opening an older gentleman’s robe and having his cock before me makes me incredible horny.

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Anyway this chubby older gent would well and truly get to rate my blowjob skills sitting there like that! I would all over that exposed penis with my tongue doing laps of his hairy balls and you better believe that bathrobe is not getting done back up til I have his hot cream all over my lips!!

I am sure those like big buys are going to love this fat bear we have for you today. Look at the size of his big belly as he kicks back and plays with his foreskin and hanging balls. A buddy of mine loves this guy and told me he’d worship that huge hairy gut of his. Kissing it all over and burying his face in the soft manly warmth of it before working his way between his beefy thighs.

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fat bear

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This chubby gent has quick a big cock too. Once he started stroking his meat I was surprised by how big it got from soft. Big enough to ride hard I thought… now I’m getting hard thinking of that!

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This big burly beefcake used to be a jock back in high school. He has gained some weight over the years but he still has a hot beefy body don’t you agree? I am sure there are more than a few of us reading this that would love some one on one play time with this beefy older guy.

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What would you do if you had him to yourself? Would you climb on top of him and let him slip that hot cock in your ass while you stroke his hairy chest? Maybe you just bend over and give up your hole to him and let him fuck you anally and fill you with his salty load?

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One day last year I was at a nude beach and noticed a chubby older guy. He has a nice covering of fur all over his torso. He went for a swim and as he was walking back to his towel I could not help but notice what a gorgeous cock he had. It was really thick and looked so yummy with water dripping off of it.

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I smiled he smiled back and I went over and we started chatting. Half an hour later we went for a walk over the rocks to the most secluded part of the beach. “I want your fat dick in me daddy” I whispered in his breathlessly as I gave his dick a quick tug. It felt so heavy and meaty in my hand and I could not wait to get it in my mouth.

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I remember sucking his salty manhood for like 15 minutes. I knew his big balls were loaded and when the cute daddy finally unleashed he nearly drowned me in his cum!

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This naked old guy sleeping reminds me of a hot weekend I had with a fat daddy a few years back. We were on his boat the entire weekend and had a great time – fishing etc as well as the hot sex! I was very much his naughty little toy boy and I think the long sex we had all night on the Saturday tired him out. In the morning he was laying naked asleep and snoring like a bear. His smooth cock was still making my dick hard despite having had it in my mouth most of the previous evening I still wanted to suck him off again.

sleep blowjob

I decided to give him a sleep blowjob. I had never had any form of sleep sex before but I knew this sexy fat dad wouldn’t mind a morning hummer from his sweet boy. I kissed his hairy balls first and then took his soft prick in my mouth and gently sucked it. He didn’t even stir! He was getting harder and I kept on gobbling away at the musty old dick of his. Once he was fully hard and his dick was oozing precum he woke up and smiled at me working his shaft.

I kept going til the overweight old man rewarded my slutty mouth with a spray of his man love. Needless to say he wanted more wake up calls like that from me and I really enjoyed giving them!

We get a lot of guys ask us to post more chubby men and we also get many requests for hairy daddies too. Well todays post kills two birds with the one stone as we have a huge fat hairy bear for you to lust over. So what attracts you to a guy like him? Is it is huge round belly? It could be some fun for sure. I wouldn’t mind pressing my hard cock into his jelly belly while I kissed him roughly.

fat and hairy

Perhaps it’s his fat hairy ass that attracts you? Some guys just love rimming a hairy asshole. What ever it is that turns you on about old fat guys I am pretty sure this guy has it in spades. I think he will be popular amongst those that have asked for more gay chubs.

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This middle aged fat guy is kinda hot huh? Look at him lying back with his big belly bulging out and his uncircumcised cock getting hard. He reminds me of a truck driver I sucked off last month. I met him at a truck stop and it was clear he wanted his dick sucked. I was more than keen when I saw his big belly pushing against his tight shirt while he was eating a burger.

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We went into his cab which was all set up for sleeping. I took his shirt off and kissed all over his fat gut. He wanted his weiner sucked though and kept pushing my head down into his crotch haha. Once I had his chubby sweaty manhood in my mouth and sucked him off till he came in my mouth.

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A nice update today for those of us that like a sexy fat older guy. This big beefy bear has got a really thick uncut cock on him too. It looks as thick as a beer can between his legs as he struts around naked. Actually he reminded me of this fat senior I saw at my favorite nude beach a few weeks ago. I first noticed his big belly and was getting really turned on watching him in the surf. Then he exited the water and walked back up the beach in my general direction and I saw his very thick dick complete with foreskin dripping wet. I wanted to proposition him there and then to get that fat cock in my mouth but he returned to his wife haha! For some reason it made watching him for the rest of the day even hotter.

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