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This fat grand father reckons he is as horny as he has ever been. He loves being naked and posing for as many guys as once as possible. Knowing younger guys around the world are jerking off to him is a big turn on for him. Well with a lovely cut cock like that and his big round belly I am sure many of our visitors are going to be doing just that. How’d you like a ride on this pappy?

polar bear

fat grand father

He has a good wank in this set too. Rubbing his loose ball sack with one hand and that stubby prick with the other the chubby old man grunts with pleasure as he gets harder and harder.

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I am still buzzing with a hot encounter I had last weekend with a hot chubby dad I met at the beach. I watched him walk over to the nude section of the beach in just a pair of speedos and he stopped a few meters in front of me, put his towel down and then stripped out of them. My eyes were glued to his plump slightly hairy body. I decided to wonder over and see if I could chat him up.

daddy strips

hot fat guy

big belly

I introduced myself and made some small talk. He was very sweet and my eyes kept wondering all over his fat belly and thick pink cock. He noticed and I asked him if he liked the eye candy at this beach. Seeing as how it is 90% occupied by men I knew the answer would tell me alot. He said he did indeed!

We spent an hour or so swimming, sunning and talking and then I said we should take a walk to the rocky outcrop. There were some nice private spots there and I wanted to suck this sexy chubby dad’s cock. I got him on his back on the sand and ran my tongue all over his sweaty balls and then up and down his salty manhood.

I even played with his big belly which he thought was a big odd but his cock stayed very hard in my mouth while I was doing it so I’m guessing he liked it. I wanted to fuck his fat ass but he wasn’t into but I did let him stick that hot cock into mine. I really loved the way his sweaty gut kept bumping against my ass as he pumped me full of his seed.

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For those that like chubby bearded guys this post is for you. Looks like this gay chub is doing some naked camping. Normally you’d be concerned about a bear your in your tent but I’d love to find this bear in mine! I love the shot of him lying there naked with his dick hard and pointing upwards against his fat belly. Looks like his sack is full too. Maybe he has been saving up a creamy payload for one of his hiking buddies.

gay chub

chubby naked guy

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Years ago when I was about 19 I was hitchhiking my way around the country. I was in a coastal region one warm day and an older gent pulled over to give me a ride. I was shocked to see he was wearing a t-shirt but no pants! His fat cock was clearly visible and he didn’t seem to care who saw it. I thought maybe I shouldn’t accept the ride but the prospect I might get to suck that rather nice looking old dick was too tempting for me.

nude driving

I got in and asked if he always drove naked. He laughed and said ‘Often. You should try it.’ with a grand fatherly wink. I decided to join him and took my shorts off too. He looked at my cock and told me how beautiful it was.

As he drove I couldn’t take my eyes off his thick manhood as it jiggled around with every bum in the road. I wanted it in my mouth desperately. As we got close to where I wanted to get out I said maybe we should pull over for a break. He caught my drift and we pulled over under a tree in a secluded spot.

I reached over and rubbed his dick and balls. He grunted with pleasure and I lowered my mouth onto his junk. His dick was hot and salty and I started sucking him off right there in the car. I could feel him getting hard in my mouth. I also sucked on his big balls that he kept shaved and I could tell they were full of cum.

Seems like I had to suck this chubby daddy for ages before he told me he was ready to blow. When he finally did erupt he gushed a huge load of hot cum into my mouth. Immediately after the initial gush a second big spurt blasted down my throat. I swallowed every drop to and then licked his tasty cock clean like a good little slut.

I enjoyed this set of photos of an overweight and hairy cub. He isn’t overly fat but has some meat on his bones for sure. Speaking of meat when he unzipped his cargo pants and let that fat juicy cock out I was all eyes! He had a half chub from the get go and with a few stroked his had it standing to attention in no time… mine too haha!

fat naked man

He pulled his pants off completely and lay back ready to show us his ass. He parted his chubby ass cheeks and revealed his well used asshole. I think this chubby cub has had some big dicks pumped up that pussy in his time!

chubby ass

He then jerks off his tasty looking cock. His smooth balls bounce around as he beats his meat and then cums all over himself.

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What a yummy this sight this hairy chub daddy is after his workout. He sits there naked with sweat all over his thick hairy torso and even his plump cock looks all wet with perspiration. I’d love to lick that salty wet chest of his and then work way down! I don’t know what sort of exercise he has been doing to get so hot and sweaty but I’d love to have a long steamy sex session with him.

wet and hairy

sweaty cock

I wonder if this handsome dad is a top or bottom? I would imagine a top. I’d love to find out the hard way if you know what I mean haha! Can you imagine running your hands through his wet chest hair as he pumps that beautiful dick up your ass? Or maybe you’d prefer he eat out your asshole roughly with his goatee heard tickling your balls? Either way this hot dad would be a whole of fun me thinks.

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This handsome chubby guy is married with kids and keeps his bi-sexual side a secret. It would probably surprise a lot of people just many married men like having gay fun on the side but like to keep it discreet. I have had some fantastic sex with so called ‘straight men’ over the years. This portly daddy has got himself a cute young twink who he likes to fuck on the side. He loves getting his dick sucked by his new toy boy and loves fucking his tight asshole even more.

chubby male

sucking dick

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I tell ya I visited a nude beach I had heard a lot about the other day and I have never been in the presence of so many naked old men in my life. There were sexy seniors every where and it was a feast for the eyes. In particular I was enjoying looking at the many chub daddies that were leting it all hand out. Only a strategically placed towel could hide my raging hardon as I looked at some really hot chubby men totally naked in front of me.

chubby daddy

I did try to speak to a few of these guys to try and gauge whether they would be interested in a little fun but I don’t think many of them were gay or even bi-curious. I’m gonna go back and keep trying though as the prospect of sucking some fat daddies cock right there on the beach turns me on no end!

naked father

I wish I could just sit there and snap photos of what I saw but it’s too risky. I get my fix though through a site that has tonnes of very high quality photos of male nudists. I can them gaze at their hot bods all day on my screen and imagine I am back there on the sand with them.

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