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These two fat older men look like they are having fun. While they are both big beefy sort of guys one is covered in hair and the other is smooth. It makes for a nice contrast as the two get down and dirty for some hot male to male action.

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They start off kissing roughly. Their tongues probing and exploring one another’s mouths before one drops down to his knees so he can get a mouthful of fat cock. His fuck buddy returns the favor and blows him before they move onto the main course.

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The smooth dad gets behind his furry partner and pushes his hard dick between his buns and butt fucks him. The bear moans and moans as his asshole gets pounded by his lover.

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These two hairy beefy bears like to hook up regularly. They get so hot for each others masculine bodies and love the feeling of each other in their ass. They always start out with hot passionate kissing and get quite carried away with their tongues almost wrestling inside their mouths. Their lips then find their way down to each others old hard cocks and they both love a hot 69 session.

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All of this is just foreplay though. It’s a good hard anal fucking they both crave most. One of the men slips two fingers into his fuck buddies bumhole and probes nice and deep getting the orifice ready to accommodate his fat prick. Once it is he mounts him doggy style pushing every inch of it into his anal cavity unprotected.

The two old men fuck long and hard, swapping positions until they are both ready to fill each other with their hot steamy cum loads.

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A few months back I picked up a really pretty little teen at the mall. I was amazed how easy it was. This girl had a real daddy complex I think. She was attracted to me because of it I am sure of it. She was giving me all the signals so I just went up to her and chatted. She was very sexual and I just couldn’t take my eyes off her seductive young mouth.

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I took her to my place and she wanted to go right to the bedroom. I kissed her pouty lips and kissed her neck roughly. I heard her softly moan as she grabbed my hardening cock. She ran her little tongue all up and down my shaved balls and shlong. I grabbed her chin and tongue kissed her again tasting my cock on her lips. I slipped a wet finger into her pussy and that’s when she started the daddy sex fantasy.

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As I was railing her tight teen pussy she kept moaning things like ‘fuck me daddy’ and “Mmmmm daddy”. I was getting massively turned on by it and I held back as long as I could. When she started licking my cock with that naughty little girl face again I couldn’t take it any more and just about covered her sweet face with my cum load.

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I was at the mall yesterday and I saw a really old guy hand in hand with a really pretty girl. I’m like 99.9% sure the girl was his grand daughter but you never know. Hehe especially when you work in porn and know all about sugar daddies and sites like Old Farts Young Tarts. I started imagining the gorgeous teenager sucking her grandfathers cock after they get home from shopping. Maybe that’s how it works with her. The more money he spends on her the more special attention he gets when they get home!

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The dirty old man gentle takes off the young girls underpants. Her smooth little pussy stares him in the face and he goes down on her eighteen year old pussy. He hadn’t tasted pussy as sweet and tasty as hers in decades. Next he flips her over and licks her ass before drilling her wet slit with his big grandpa cock.

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What a hot free gallery we have for you today. It features a hot salt and pepper haired grand father called Paul. He is out washing his van with his cute little blonde helper. Like any red blooded male he would fuck the daylights out of this sexy girl who is young enough to be his grand daughter. Maybe that’s the appeal for her. Normally it’s the dirty old man chasing the hot younger girls but in this case the naughty teen knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

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They are soon wet and completely in lust with one another. She looks into his eyes as she unbuttons his shirt and then drops to her knees and unbuckles his trousers. She soon has his wet old cock in her mouth as she gives him the best blowjob he has had in decades right there in the driveway.

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These two horny daddies are living the life I tell you. Both of them have very hot young toyboys they love playing with. I’d hope when I get to their age I have a hunky plaything to keep me occupied.

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Both these pictures are taken from videos I watched from the Older4Me site and enjoyed immensely. The first is about a snowy haired 50 year old Irish daddy. This guy has lucked out big time and got himself a tall athletic son for a BF. Man I envy this dad… imagine having this stud for a fuck buddy!

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The other shot is from a movie that shows a balding mustache dad training his new son. He loves the way the eager younger lad sucks his thick cock with his sweet mouth. After getting a nice blowjob from his boy he bends his pretty ass over the chair and fucks him.

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I have found older gentlemen to be some of the horniest around. I often joke in life men are most interested in sex in their teens and then again when they are over 50 or 60 years old. Look at this handsome mature business man. He has himself a cute fit young toy boy. When he comes home from work his lover is always waiting for him. On this day he welcomes his daddy home with a nice long blowjob.

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The photo below is from another video where two old men are at a nude beach. They encounter each other on a secluded part of the beach and it is not long before admiring glances at each others naked bodies leads to much more. They suck each other off and have a long hot fuck right there on the sand.

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Boy do I envy this young guy. He’s got himself a really hot daddy for a boyfriend. This guy is a real beefcake and very handsome and manly. I really enjoyed watching this daddy and son sex session between the two of them.

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This son loves to take care of his daddy’s thick cock. He unzips his trousers for him and gently pulls them down to knee level. He first licks his older lovers smooth ball sack then takes his testicles in his mouth and sucks on them. He runs his hand all over the silver fox’s hairy torso as he works those heavy cum filled nuts in his mouth.

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His own dick is hard now and the burly hunk dad wants in on the cock sucking action. He kneels in front of the lad and gives him a rough blowjob while jerking himself off. This boy wants a good hard ass fucking from his dad and lets him know. He is soon on his hands and knees with his ass cheeks spread. He grunts as his beefy older lover forces his fat cock into his anus and starts fucking him like a little sissy boy.

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