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This mischievous little teen got sent to stay with her grand parents for a while after getting suspended from school for the umpteenth time. She found her grandpa asleep in his robe on the couch when she came home a little drunk one afternoon. She could help herself from sliding his robe open to see what sort of cock her old granddad had. She was surprised to see he was very well equipped downstairs.

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She touched it and enjoyed the sensation of his warm prick against her skin. She stroked it very lightly and she noticed it was getting hard. She gasped aloud when she saw he was wide awake now and smiling at her. He encouraged her to keep going and this naughty teen was soon sucking on her grandpas fat dick. He was really getting off on having his sweet young grand daughter gobbling his old cock and he got her to get into a 69 position so he could lick out her hot little muff while she sucked him off.

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This silver haired grand dad couldn’t believe his luck when one of his grand daughters friends stayed at his place a few days. He walked in to find her home alone and asleep on the couch. The horny old bastard couldn’t help himself and sat next to her and gently lifted her t-shirt to try and get a peek at her panties. He touched her little muff through her underwear and she woke right up and busted him big time. She wasn’t angry at all though and smiled sweetly.

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She slide her panties aside so the silver daddy could get a proper look at her tight virgin pussy. The 70 year old soon had his tongue in that sweet slit and was eating her out like a hungry dog. This girl really started getting into having her pussy and asshole licked out by her best friends grandpa and wanted to have his wrinkled old cock inside her. She grabbed his dick and sucked him off till he was as hard as he could get.

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The old timer had plenty of stamina. He fucked her pretty teenage pussy in a few hot positions. He took an eternity to cum but when he did he shot a nice hot load right on her hairless pussy lips.

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Another hot fantasy story for you today. This one is based around a hot daddy I used to care for on a check in basis. He was on a whole bunch of different meds some of which would make him very sleepy. One day when I arrived he answered the door and looked very groggy and tired. He said he though he may have accidently doubled up on one of his meds. It was no big deal or anything… it was just going to knock him out for a bit I told him.

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I told him I would give him his sponge bath now and told him to undress while I put his groceries away. When I came into his room 5 minutes later he was fast asleep. He was lying on his back naked. I have to admit to being quite exited by the unconscious silver daddy lying there completely nude and vulnerable. He had a big penis which I had noticed before when bathing him and now it was right in front of me. I couldn’t resist touching it. I rubbed it back and forth gently and started to get a hardon myself. I then cupped his saggy balls and felt their heavy weight.

I was overcome with lust for this hung grandpa and I didn’t think he was going to wake up so I was gonna risk having some fun with him. I licked his old fat cock all the way up to the tip. I then took it in my mouth and sucked gently on it while rubbing his hairy chest. He moaned lightly like he was dreaming and I kept sucking on his plump juicy dick.

To my surprise as I was gobbling his meat I started to taste precum. Could this unconscious grandpa cum in his sleep? I really hoped so. I kept sucking his tasty penis and within a couple of minute a gush of salty hot cum spurted into my throat. He didn’t wake up but kept moaning softly as I swallowed all of his love juice then licked that gorgeous cock clean.

He came to a couple of hours later and none the wiser that I had sleep sex with him.

This be-speckled daddy got himself a new boyfriend – a handsome young latino that he met at a gay club. This daddy admirer knew he wanted to play son to this sexy older man the minute he lay eyes on him. They had a couple of drinks together and he went home with the handsome silver haired gentlemen.

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As soon as they were inside his apartment and alone he embraced his new daddy lover. They kissed passionately as he offered himself submissively to the older man. He rubbed his fat cock through his trousers as they tongue kissed.

They both started to disrobe and were soon naked and horny as all fuck. The son was totally into his daddy fantasy and he wanted that old cock in his tight asshole. He lay on his back and lifted his legs in the air spreading his butt cheeks wide and presenting his love hole. His new fuck buddy needed no further invitation and slide his hard dick into his quivering anus and started banging him face to face.

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This old white man though all his Christmases had come at once when he managed to hook up with two hot black guys young enough to be his grandsons. He had always fancied black boys and was longing to have sex with one. He couldn’t believe his luck now that he had two of them reading to nail his old ass.

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The boys helped the dirty old grandpa undress and they got naked too. He licked his lips as they revealed their tight firm asses and big black cocks. He wanted those fat chocolate dicks in his mouth. He took hold of one and started licking and sucking it while the other guy went around the back of him and eased his dick into the old mans butthole.

The white daddy was soon getting ass fucked hard as the young thug pumped him full of thick black cock. He was loving the sensation of one tool in his anus and the other in his mouth. The boys switched around and he got a taste of the other sexy black boys penis.

They kept on fucking the dirty old man till they were ready to blow and then they blasted their cum load on him. He loved the feeling of their warm sperm covering his face and wished he could fuck these boys every day.

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The sexy older daddy met with a hot 40 year old for an afternoon of man love. He was horny as hell and when his new fuck buddy helped him take his trousers off he could see the unmistakable bulge of his big hard on underneath his underwear. He himself was getting rock hard just thinking about this old mans dick and how good it was going to feel up his ass.

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He yanked balding grandfathers underpants down and they moved to the couch. He knelt in front on the old guys cock and started sucking him off. He cupped and massaged his cum swollen balls as he gobbled on that senior cock.

His turn came next. Grandpa wanted some of his thick dick in his mouth too and sucked him for a while. What they both really wanted though was a good fucking. Grandpa wanted to be top and his younger hairy dad lover wanted to be bottom. They both got their wish as the old timer stuck his cock up his hairy asshole and started riding his firm ass.

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This horny daddy invited one of his new friends around for a threesome with his son boyfriend. The younger guy was very excited at the prospect of having two hot older men at once and couldn’t wait to meet his daddies friend. When he arrived he was glad to find he was just as old his lover.

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It didn’t take long before both these mature gents were undressing each other and kissing passionately. The boy was getting so hot just watching as these two 50 year old men were naked in front of him. He got naked and joined in first sucking off the strangers wrinkled cock and then letting him fuck his tight asshole while he gobbled his current boyfriend.

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