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Not the oldest of daddies for you today but the endowment of both these middle aged men should bring a smile to your faces. First up is an older cowboy. He has his hat cocked and is holding the base of his thick tool like he is ready to put somewhere warm and wet. I’ve got the perfect place he can store that fat prick!

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The other guy is Arabic and I love his fat juicy cock. I bet he loves having it sucked when his wife is away. That cock ring makes me think this naughty dad has been pumping his penis to make it even bigger and thicker for his play mates.

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Check out the package on this hot bald daddy. Mmmmm it’s making my mouth practically water. The sight of his thick cock and big hanging balls between his thighs are making me crazy. The way he has one leg lifted just adds to it.

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I’d love to just kneel down on the floor right in front of his chair. I might plant kisses up his leg till I reached his ball sack. I’m sure this would excite the balding father and I would then take his meaty tool in my mouth and suck him till he was rock hard. I would be in two minds then whether to keep on slurping away til he rewarded me with a big mouthful of cum or release him so I could sit on it and ride him to orgasm.

Wow how’d you like to wrap your lips around that long thick prick??? I am sitting here looking at this guys pictures with a massive hardon myself! Oh the things I would do with that magnificent piece of meat! I think first and foremost I would get some nice massage oil and rub it all over that big latin dick of his. Stroking it slowly up and down and giving plenty of attention to his cock head. I would not stop til this hunky latino stud rewarded me with a huge spurt of hot cum either!

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These are just of the photos from the series available to Hot Older Male members. They also get the hot video so you can see that juicy big prick in action. I am getting way too horny just writing this so I will bid you farewell so I can relieve some tension if you catch my drift!

I was at a private party once a few years back. It was late in the evening/morning and most of the guests had either gone home or passed out drunk somewhere in my friends mansion. There was one solitary older guy in the spa I had not seen earlier somehow. I got closer and was happy to see he was naked in there. I introduced myself and asked if I could join him. He said sure and I undressed right in front of him. I noticed his eyes all over my body and felt very excited as this guy was a total stud.

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I hoped in next to him and straight away this alpha male was all over me. He was kissing me roughly and rubbing my wet hard dick in his hand. I too started exploring his body and he had a really large penis. I stroked his member and told him i wanted it inside me. After a while he bent my little ass over the side of the spa and fucked me with that giant cock.

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This fit and fury daddy reminds me greatly of a man I hooked up with at a nature walk. I met him there and we wandered deeper and deeper into the forest until we were sure we were alone and not going to be bothered. I ran my hands up his hairy torso under his shirt and felt his rugged body. I dropped to me knees and yanked his shorts down and his fully erect penis popped out nearly slapping me in the face!

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I licked his warm engorged cock up and down and it tasted so good. This hot married man had the best tasting dick I had ever had and I wondered why his wife didn’t want to suck it anymore. ‘More for me’ I though as I sucked this gorgeous salt and pepper gent off waiting for him to explode in my mouth.

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I let him bend me over a log and finger my asshole too. He seemed to like that and I was just happy playing with that fat juicy prick of his.

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I don’t even want to try and quantify how many times I have jerked off to this big burly trucker type and his massive manhood. What a hot appendage huh? A fat long tool like his has me practically drooling. What I’d give to make love to him slowly. Maybe we could role play and I could be his naughty toy boy. I’d work my tongue all around his freshly shaved balls and then lick that big juicy cock up and down till it was glistening with my spit and hard as a rock. Then I’d take as many inches of it as I could in my mouth and suck him. I think I’d have a sore jaw the next day from accommodating a wang like his but it would be worth it don’t you think? Tell us your thoughts via the comments below we love hearing from you!

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Another hot gay fantasy story for you today featuring a hot older gentlemen:

I had been scouring the trading section of a local paper looking to buy a small boat for fishing. I found a nice one for sale from a private seller who lived about 30 minutes drive from me. I went there and a good looking older guy answered the door and introduced himself a Phil.

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He showed me the boat and all it’s features. As he tried to start the motor some water spat out of it and all over his jeans. I laughed out loud involuntarily and he laughed too. He was so cute and I was feeling very attracted to this older dude.

He said he was going to change his pants and I could help myself to examine the boat some more. I looked at it for a couple more minutes and then went back inside to find Phil and start haggling over price.

I found him in the lounge room looking through his laundry basket for a dry pair of trousers. He was talking as found a pair and then unbuckled his wet jeans and pulled them down right in front of me. He had pale blue boxer shorts underneath and they were also all wet. I could clearly see his dick through the wet fabric and it looked really nice. Thick with a pronounced cock head.

I could not help myself I was so overcome with lust. I moved towards him and we locked eyes. He knew what was up for sure I thought. I moved in and we kissed gently at first then the old man had his rough tongue down my throat. I stroked his wet cock through his underwear and then eased it out the button fly. It was heavy and thick and I savored the salty manly taste of it as I started sucking him off right there in his living room.

We moved to the bedroom and I got this hung daddy into a 69 position and he started licking my asshole and balls while I kept sucking his beautiful old dick. He slipped his index finger right up my bum and porked me as he finally came and spurted hot salty cum all over my face. A few minutes later I returned the favor cumming all over his mustache.

I ended up buying the boat from him and when I collected it a few days later we had another hot suck off session. Ah good times!

Seeing these pictures of an older guy with his recently pumped cock in all its glory make me miss this old hook up I used to have. He was an older gentlemen who had been pumping his penis for decades. I meet him after seeing his impressive package on a forum for pumpers. I noticed he lived close by and told him I would love to service his magnificent tool if he wanted. We ended up have a couple of meet ups per week till his wife found out lol.

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I’d go to his place and he would have already been in his pump for an hour or so. My favorite thing to do was help him ease his fat swollen member out of the glass tube and feel it’s impressive weight. I’d get a sore jaw sucking his enormous fat dick but it was always worth it. He would cum gallons too after pumping and on more than one occasion my face was covered in his salty man chowder after a long sloppy blowjob.

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