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Mmmmm want a handsome old man we have got for you today. I sure could have some hot fun with this horse hung pappy! Look at the size of that glorious cock! What a whopper. Watching him take his underpants off my eyes were glued to his crotch. Once he had his pants off that extra large penis hung half way down his thigh. It’s uncut too with lots of foreskin… great for some cock docking fun.

hot grandfather

extra large penis

old man jerking off

As we watch on the old man takes hold of that snake in his hand and jerks off while playing with his nipples. He looks so grandfatherly as he strokes his huge wang. You can just picture a nice old guy like this perhaps jerking off in his workshop to an old porn magazine.

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This photo has been a long time favorite of mine for obvious reasons! Here’s a nice fantasy story involving this cute grandpappy and his enormous sausage:

I was working for a cable company some years back and got a job to sort out some issues at a residence. Turns out the owner was a very elderly guy. He invited me in dressed only in pajama bottoms and white singlet. I didn’t necessarily think that was all that odd for a guy of his age but the bulge showing definitely was!

huge tool

As I started fixing his cable system he sat back down in his recliner. It was only after I finished I noticed he was absently rubbing his cock through his pajamas. I was extremely excited by this and straight out asked him if he was enjoying himself. He said “oh yes” and told me I had a nice ass.

I put my hand on his bulge and felt the firmness and warm of his old cock through the think fabric. “That feels like a big prick” I whispered to him as I continued stroking it. I helped him stand up and I knelt down before him so I was at eye level with his crotch. I undid the draw string of his pajama bottoms and slowly pulled them down to his knees. I was shocked by the huge thick tool that greeted me. It was massive! Both long and thick it was like horse dick!

I gently pulled him towards me and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could fit. I sucked on it for an eternity and put my finger up his asshole while I was doing it. The hung grandpa seemed to lick it and moaned softly as I slurped away on the biggest prick I had ever seen.

I had to take a break after a while as my jaw was begging to hurt. I let him suck me off for a while but after a few minutes I wanted more. I maneuvered him into a 69 position of his couch and continued sucking away on that enormous meat pole. Finally he rewarded me with a few spurts of salty delicious man juice and I savored every drop till his balls were drained.

I gave him my card and told him to call anytime he had cable problems or wanted his huge tool taken of.

Oh my. Where do I start with this hunky and handsome daddy? I love his fit muscular torso. Look at those hard abs and pecs. I bet he could dish out a hard fucking to any boy lucky enough to catch his eye. Below the waist things get even better. The tan lines show what type of swimmers he likes to wear at the beach.

daddies dick

His large cock dangles tantalizingly between his powerful thighs and his soft crop of pubic hair frame it nicely. He doesn’t look fully hard in these pictures but I am sure if I had a chance to take that frankfurt in my mouth I would have this hot daddy stiff quickly.

large cock

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It’s always nice to see a well hung grandfather and today we have another for you. This cute elderly poppy looks late 70s and very grandfatherly with his glasses and mustache. Once he gets naked though he reveals a huge long cut cock that must be close to 9 inches!


Here’s a hot little silver daddy fantasy story about this well endowed senior:

I met this nice older gentlemen one day when I was pulled over changing a flat tire. He saw me struggling with it in the rain and said I should come over to his house across the street as he had a compressor in the garage. I thought he was nice friendly old guy and didn’t even consider anything remotely sexual even though I thought he was cute and charming.

We were drenched by the time we got inside his big double garage. He offered me a dry shirt and I accepted it. As I took my wet t-shirt off I noticed his eyes where all over me. I said he should get out of his wet clothes too and he was getting my drift. I watched him unbuckle his trousers and drop them to the ground. Next he dropped his old fashioned white y-fronts and my jaw nearly hit the floor along with his underwear. He had a huge cock! It was long and still wet and my heart began thumping with excitement. I wanted that huge juicy prick in my mouth!

I didn’t bother with any coyness and moved straight over to him. I took his slick wet horse dick in my hand and stroked it telling him how beautiful it was. He said we go into his bedroom and I gladly followed. I told this sexy grandpa to lie back on the bed as I wanted to make to love to his long beautiful cock.

He was only slightly hard and I licked his member up and down. He told me it took him ages to get hard and that was more than okay by me. I loved the sensation of this huge soft dong in my mouth and I alternated sucking it and then his low hanging balls. I wondered how long I was gonna have to work on his delicious old dick before he rewarded my lips with a full load of mature man chowder.

Once I got him harder he wanted to stick it in my ass. I was a bit nervous as I had never had one that big but I did want him to fuck me. I got on my hand and knees and licked my asshole. His mustache tickled as he really got into eating my ass out. Then I felt the fat tip of his mighty cock enter me. I felt so good inside me and I watched in the mirror as this handsome grandfather fucked me doggy style.

I told him not to cum inside me as I wanted that load in my mouth. He agreed and after fucking me for what seemed like an eternity he said he was gonna blow. I was so much in cum lust for this poppy’s cock I took his tool back into my mouth straight from my ass. I could taste it but didn’t care as all I wanted was for this big dick to blow a hot cum load down my throat. As his fat cock head pushed against my throat I could taste precum. Then he moaned loudly and a thick salty flow of cum drenched my mouth.

We took a shower together and then went to finish fixing my tire. I was stunned when his wife drove up the drive way as we were working! I had assumed he was living there alone! It kind of added to just what a sexy gay encounter it was.

This fit mature guy has a smoldering intensity about him. I was eying the impressive bulge in his speedos wondering what sort of goody package lay waiting. Turns out it was long uncircumcised penis. I usually prefer my men cut but a nice long one like his is pretty hot. As I watched him play with his foreskin I was all eyes and found myself wanting to playing bite and chew on it! Nothing like chewing the fat with an old friend right hehe!

long uncircumcised penis


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These photos of a hot n hung daddy remind me of a steamy encounter I had with an older gentlemen when I was in college. At the time I was swimming a lot in hopes of making the team. I went to hit the showers and an athletic older guy was in there showering. I had seen some cute guys naked in their and I always had a quick peek but nothing more. However with this guy I just couldn’t take my eyes off his burly body.

public shower

Steam come off him as he soaped up his powerful torso. I watched as soapy water trickled down his hairy and muscled stomach and onto his big penis. I ran the shower in the stall two up from him and noticed his eyes on me too. As I washed myself he started soaping his cock up and I noticed he was getting hard.

hot cut cock

I was young and nervous and wasn’t sure if I should take this as an invitation or not haha. I smiled and stroked my own cock that was also getting hard. It was then he walked over to my stall and told me what a beautiful body I had. He asked if I liked what I saw and I said yes breathlessly. We went to his place after I dried off and I got to suck that big juicy cut cock. He was obsessed with my ass and he ate my asshole out with a lot of enthusiasm. It was my first time getting rimmed and I loved it. I actually came twice in the 30 minutes I had with him.

daddies big penis

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There is something so goddamn hot about seeing a big dick like this hanging out of a suit fly. Whenever I am at a mens urinal and a guy in a suit is next to me I always make sure to sneak a peek. I’ve seen some nice cocks pissing doing this but I never seen one as big and thick as this fit older stud. To be fair his meaty manhood looks like it may be the result of a pumping. I see he wears a cock ring so maybe it is the case. He keeps his balls shaved too and those fat plums look ripe for a sucking.

big cock out of suit

shaved balls

pumped cock swing

I picked out just three photos from the full set of this handsome and well hung older gentlemen. I think it gives a nice overview of what the full set shows. We first see him in a suit and he then unzips and lets that beautiful dick hang out the fly. He then undresses and shows us his naked body.

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This horny teen has been attracted to old men for as long as she can remember. While all her school friends would sit around lusting after boys their age she was more interested in the older male teachers. She would fantasize about these grey haired old men eating out her young pussy and fucking her right there in the classroom. The first time she ever hit on one of them she got her wish. What guy in his right mind is gonna pass up on getting some of that?

well hung grandpa

Since then she has never turned back and only every fucks guys over 50. This time she has found herself a new lover – a well hung grandpa who has no problem getting it up for her to play with. She loves sucking his fat cock and letting him ream her pussy with that impressive tool.

sucking grandpas dick

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