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I do love watching older guys having a wank. Especially when the guy in question is as handsome and well hung as this man. He has a glorious tool too. Nice and thick with a big mushroom head. I enjoyed this set of pictures of him stripping naked and masturbating for us. Both his nipples are pierced and he really gets into playing with them as he begins to slowly stroke his fat dick up and down. He rubs his cum filled balls too as he gets fully erect.

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During his solo masturbation scene he turns around on the couch to give us a view of his hot ass as he gives himself a reacharound. That mushroom head cock looks good enough to eat as does that beautiful bum! After getting on his back again he really goes for it wanking himself til he spurts a huge load of cum all over himself.

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I’ve always found the sight of a sexy older guys taking a shower to be one of the biggest turn ons I can imagine. I reckon it stems from when I was still in school and would do diving training with a friend of mine. His dad would take us and teach us as he used to dive in college. I was just starting to find men attractive and his father was definitely a handsome and fit sort of guy.

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The first time we went to the shower block I couldn’t help but stare at him as he took his swimmers off and entered the open shower cubicle in the locker room. He had a long penis and it was the first time I had seen a man naked up close. I watched on as the water trickled all over his athletic body and I used a towel to hide my hardon from my friend.

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He turned and faced me and started talking about our diving session as he shampooed his hair with his eyes closed. I finally got to see his big cock up close and I could not take my eyes of it. Later at home I jerked off as I fantasized about a scenario where he asked my to soap up his cock and wash it for him. I looked forward to every training session and soon discovered I could also go there without them and sees other naked men showering.

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Wow this sexy silver fox sure caught my attention when I saw these pictures of him over at Hot Older Male. He is a hot one and that is one big chubby cock! When he pulled down his grandpa underwear and that huge dick sprang out I nearly fainted. Not what I was expecting given his build and age.

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As he reclined on the bed and pulled his Y fronts off his plump cock flopped onto his flat belly. His heavy balls looked loaded too and the sight of him on his back like that had me fantasizing about taking a ride on top of this handsome grand father. Can you imagine that fat dick inside you while you kiss his mustached mouth? Or maybe you’d prefer to just gobble that meaty member till he shoots his load in your mouth? Mmm can I have both?

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This handsome dad is one of my favorite models from the Hot Older Male site. I like his beefy body and he has one the tastiest looking cocks I have ever laid eyes on. Look at that fat juicy cock poking out of his fly! That is the type of thick meaty dick I would love to suck all night. His hairy balls are nice too and I would definitely love those cum filled plumps in my mouth too.

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Ok call me shallow but for me this hot daddy is my ultimate oral fixation fantasy guy. I would give him multiple orgasms as I sucked on that big beautiful cut cock till he cum down my throat. Every now and then I might let stick that fat dick in my ass and fuck me but I’m more interested in blowing a hot piece of man meat like his.

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Holy shit! Check out the package on this big dick daddy! I’m not sure whether this sexy dad is a pumper or what but I can’t stop staring at the glorious huge penis. Not only is it long it’s nice and thick with a pronounced cock head… this is the perfect dick for sucking. If he were mine I would service that glorious meat pole all night.

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This handsome bear daddy has been pumping his penis for years. He loves the feeling of having a big swollen cock and loves the attention it draws when he walks around with a big bulge in his pants. As soon as he is fully pumped he whacks a cock ring on to help prolong the increased length and girth a good pump session gives.

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I really liked this set of photos of him I saw at Hot Older Male. He has a sexy firm body with a hairy chest that I would love to play with while riding his fat dick. You would want to be lubed up loose though to accommodate this muscular matures pumped cock. It’s beer can thick and he looks like the type that would really slam your ass hard.

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I’ve collected a lot of pictures of nude old guys over the years but this hung grandpa is my all time favorite. Check out the huge cock this 70 year old grandfather is packing! I could barely believe it when I saw that gorgeous slab of man meat hanging between his legs.

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Below is a short fantasy story about this hot grandpa:

I was working as a mobile carer that would go to the homes of elderly men and help them with any household chores they needed. I was called to the home of a 72 year old grandfather who was new to the service. I went there not knowing what to expect or what he needed. When he answered the door I saw he was in a wheel chair with a broken ankle. He was quite cute and charming.

He said he needed help with a few things and I started on the menial stuff like vacuuming. I noticed him watching me closely and in particular staring at my ass. I didn’t mind giving these lonely horny old men a peek either. In fact it turned me on that they were looking. I was getting very horny myself at the thought I might be able to get a little hands on with this sexy grandpa.

I casually asked if he could shower or bath and he admitted that was one of the things he needed help with. He was a bit sheepish and embarrassed about it but I told him not to be and I would take care of it. I decided I wanted to give him a sponge bath rather than carry him to the shower.

I helped him undress and soon had him down to his jocks. It was then I noticed a huge bulge in this old mans underwear. It wasn’t a boner he had either just a big bulge. When I pulled his white y-fronts off I nearly fainted when I saw his penis. It was huge! It was also the most beautiful cock I had ever seen on an old guy. It was soft, milky white and thick and hung halfway down his leg.

I had trouble tearing my eyes off this impressive piece of meat but I tried to stay calm. I started giving him his sponge bath by beginning at his chest and slowly working my way down. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was going to enjoy giving that big cock a thorough wash.

When I got down to his privates I soaped his fat soft dick up and gently rubbed up and down the shaft. I then worked his plump cock head in my wet soapy hand enjoying then sensation. I looked into his eyes and it was obvious grandpa was enjoying the sensation too. I took a risk there and then I was so over come with lust for this silver daddy. I leaned over and started kissing him on the lips while I continued rubbing his huge cock.

We were soon tongue kissing passionately and I continued wanking him. He didn’t seem to get totally hard which is not unusual for a man of his age and I kind of liked the sensation of a softish penis. I dried him off and then knew I had to have that glorious cock in my mouth. I dropped to my knees and started gently sucking on grandpas huge dick.

My own cock was rock hard by this stage as I kept of suckling on his chubby rod. After what seemed like an hour he finally seemed to be reaching orgasm. I wanted every drop of this sexy matures cum in my mouth and on my face and when he finally blew I got it too! The old timer shot an impressive was of hot cum on my face and I then let him suck on my cock and returned the favor. He loved it!

Needless to say I always looked forward to my appointments with this big dick grand daddy!

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