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This hot muscular mature reminds me a gent I see at my gym sometimes. About the same age with low body fat and some very nice muscle development. He is very fit and strong for his age. I don’t think he is gay but I can’t help but fantasize about a hot locker room encounter with him.

gym body

This balding older hunk looks really hot in these pictures. He is quite hairy with a nice covering of fur all over his muscled torso and his beefy thighs. He has big uncut cock too and in the second shot his long hard boner is pointing north big time! Makes me wanna give him a handjob!

hard boner

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I see a lot of fit older guys at my gym. They look incredible shape for their age for the most part. It shows that looking after yourself and pumping iron is good for you and fights off old age if you are willing to do the work. Look at this mature buff guy for a prime example. He looks like a right hot fuck with his muscular physique… bet he still bangs hot young twinks asses whenever he wants!

buff dad

fit old guy

hot gym guy

He’s quite handsome silver fox to don’t you think. Very distinguished this gentleman and the toned tanned body matches it well. Younger eyes are always on him when he his working out at the gym and he has his pick of sexual partners on his terms lately I would bet.

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I noticed this really hot older guy at a gym I was visiting once. I got a couple of looks from him and was having a great time watching his powerful physique as he worked out his chest and shoulders. He was checking me out too and my mind was racing. Working out always makes me horny and I so wanted to see him naked.

buff mature

I followed him into the locker room and there was like an animal lust between us. We went into one of the shower stalls and I yanked his shorts down and pulled his sweaty t-shirt up over his head. I ran my hands all over his muscular torso and stroked his throbbing tool.

ethnic daddy

He ate my sweaty asshole and his tongue really knew how to probe a wet hole. It really felt like I was being fucked by a dick and not his tongue. He was rubbing my dick while he did it and I had to stop him as I would have blown my load in no time. Instead I worked on him for a while and later he finished me off in his mouth and swallowed my big load.

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We don’t feature nearly enough hot black daddies on this site. It’s not by preference either.. there just aren’t enough of them to show. Well lets right that here and now with some very hot pics of a beefy stallion I spotted over at Pantheon Bear earlier today. His hairy muscular torso was the first thing revealed and as I was looking at him with out his shirt I kept thinking I wanted to rub my hands all over his sweaty muscular chest and then kiss all down his abs.

black mature


beer can thick cock

When he got completely naked it was his really thick cock I couldn’t take my eyes off. That thing is as thick as a beer can and a lot more tasty I bet! Love to find out for real. I’d work my tongue all up and down that greased up shaft til he rewarded me with wads of hot cum.

The shots of him on his back with that big hard fat dick pointing north are amongst the best from his set. What I’d give to plant my sweet white ass on that dick and ride this sexy African stud. My hands all over his powerful manly chest while that relentless dick kept hammering my hole.

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Wow what a gorgeous beefcake we’ve got for you today. This hairy hunk has had my cock hard all day as I’ve been looking through his photos and watching video of him all morning. God so many wicked thoughts have been going through my head about what I would do with this well built stud if I had him all to myself.

naked stud

I’d love to give him a sexy massage to start things off. I’d have him lie on his back totally naked like he is in some of these pics then I would straddle him and rub warm oil all over his powerful hairy torso. As my hands massage his muscular chest his own cock would get hard and I would slowly work my way down to it.

hairy hunk

Once I had that nice dick of his hard and slick with oil I would reach back and guide it into my ass. I would fuck him bareback too, having him roughly pump my ass full of his thick manhood. I think I’d leave it up to my muscle daddy as too whether he cum up my ass or pulls out and covers my face with his hot load.

nice dick

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Wow what sexy piece of beefcake we have for you today, especially for those that like ethnic men. This balding Arabic gent is very good looking and has a beautiful body. He is hairy without being full on furry. He has nice muscle tone too without being too developed. Call me shallow but what attracted me most of all was that glorious big cock. That is a real thumper and with that pronounced fat cock head I bet he tears some ass up!

hairy muscles

sexy butt

arab stud

The athletic Arab hunk has a sexy ass too. I loved the shots of him from behind where he bends over with that big cock and hairy balls dangling between his powerful thighs. Hmmm definitely worthy of reacharound while you rim that hot ass of his.

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I love a man in uniform especially when he is a chiseled hunky slab of beefcake like this handsome fox. I loved seeing him unbutton his black shirt and reveal that toned chest covered in grey hair. His six pack abs also have a light cover of fur. As he unbuckled his trousers I was wondering what sort of dick this athletic older dude had. As soon as he dropped he pants a thick cut cock sprang out complete with a big ring piercing. It suits him no?

uniform daddy

pierced cock

firm ass

The view from the rear is just as nice. He was a beautiful toned ass that looks so firm. I bet this daddy could dish out a brutally hard ass fucking when he is in the mood. Now that’s a workout I’d like to join him for!

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Wow what a gorgeous hunk of man this is. While we usually post men older than this I could not resist putting up some pictures of this bearded and chiseled hunk. Love his hairy rock hard pecs and flat muscular stomach. I bet he could really dish out a hard brutal fucking! I wish I could find out personally!

muscular stud

hot ass

cock stroking

The view from the back is even better. This powerfully built hunk has got a hot ass. Reminds me of this sexy bodybuilder I see at the gym. I spend way too much time staring at his buns when he is lifting.

This guys keeps a rather full bush too which some will be excited by too. I enjoyed watching the video of him lying on his back and stroking his thick cock. A muscle hunk like this always looks so inviting on their back. Make me want to just climb onto of them and ride their dick.

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