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This photo of bearded older gent reminded me a hot random gay encounter I had many years ago. I was out hiking and this older guy and I crossed paths not far from the start of the tack. He was wearing jeans which I thought was a bit odd but it was winter time and a cold day. We chatted a bit and started off walking together.

stranger blowjob

It soon became clear he was gay and quite horny. When we stopped for a rest and drink of water I noticed a bulge in his jeans. We both knew what was what right there. I put the water bottle down and we went further into the bushland.

My hands were trembling as I fumbled with his belt buckle. When I finally yanked his fly down his big erection popped out and nearly hit my face haha! His cock was old but it was long and thick and I remember the salty taste of it as I worked my tongue all up and down his sweaty manhood.

Other walkers passed us without noticing and he laughed as they passed us and I was still sucking his dick. Finally he started grunting and groaning and shot a few intense loads down my throat. He didn’t want to suck me which was fine but he gave me a really hot handjob that left my legs trembling.

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I love this particular photo of an elderly grandpa naked and working his garden. It’s such a great shot and very sexy too. I am sure many of us older male admirers will enjoy this pic.

naked outdoorsman

Wearing only his work gloves and socks he pulls weeds and tends to his little herb garden out in the warm sun. His small cock dangles tantalizingly between his legs as he crouches. Hmmm I bet grandpa will be all hot and sweaty after working in the yard… anyone want to give him a sponge bath?

Another nice hot and steamy fantasy story with photo for you today courtesy of Phil. Enjoy.

I was staying in a rundown backpacker type accommodation for a couple of days while traveling through Europe. It had shared facilities of course which was to be expected. I walked down to take a shower and discovered an old guy already in the one cubicle. He was lathering himself up with soap and I noticed his rather large and semi erect penis.

shower blowjob

He saw me standing there with my towel and shower gear and asked in a very broken English if I wanted to join him. I was very shocked but his smile said it all. I looked at his incredible thick cock again and decided it was worth the risk. I undressed and his eyes were all over my body.

I entered the shower block with him and his hard wet cock pressed firmly up against my bare ass. We rubbed each other with hot soapy water and he kissed me roughly while his fingers explored my wet hole.

I dropped to my knees and started sucking that gloriously thick meaty cock. I stuffed as much of his meat into my mouth as I could as he fucked my face. An explosion of hot salty cum flowed into my mouth and he grunted. Later I let him fuck me in the ass with that big tool and I was sore for days!

I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall at this silver daddies house. He likes to just go naked when he is at home. Why not hey, he enjoys the sensation of being without clothes so why shouldn’t he do as he pleases inside his own castle.

naked silver daddy

I love these sorts of pictures of older guys like him who are obviously comfortable in their own skin. I especially love the image below of his sexy butt. What a lovely rear view huh? His hot smooth cock and balls danglingly between legs is a very tempting sight too!

sexy butt

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I have long had a fetish about watching men take a piss. I remember vividly when I was young watching a teacher take a piss right beside me at the urinal. He was tall and handsome and unzipped his trousers and pulled out quite a large cock. I was curious and took a peek. My own dick got a bit hard as I watched him hold his penis and the urine began to shoot out. I don’t think he realized I was getting turned on and probably thought I was a bit curious. Little did he know when I got home from school that day I had a couple of hot wanks fantasizing about my hot male teachers throbbing cock!

men pissing

holding his cock

unzipped dick

Seeing the pictures of this good looking older gentlemen reminded me greatly of him. I’d dearly love to be right beside this gorgeous silver fox as he unloaded a steamy piss… hell I might even let him give me a golden shower!

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Years ago I lived in a high rise apartment and being the voyeuristic perv I am I got myself a small telescope to check out any talent. One day I was looking into the many windows of the units across from me and spotted an elderly man naked on his couch. I zoomed in on him good and was pleased to see her was having a wank.

old man having a wank

This silver daddy was hot too. Tall and slim with a beard and oh my dear what a juicy big tool he was stroking. My own dick got hard as I watched him rub that meat stick up and down. I started stroking my own cock in unison with this sexy old male. He came hard and streams of white cum flowed down his cock. I noted he was watching gay porn on his laptop and made a note to try and meet him later.

Well about three weeks later I finally managed to run into him in the lift. He looked me up and down and I smiled. I introduced myself to the handsome senior and told him how much I enjoyed watching him stroke his big cock. That shocked him at first but he smiled when I put my hand on his crotch and felt his warn prick get hard with my touch. Ten minutes later I was in his apartment sucking that wonderful cock.

I met this older guy playing golf one day. He invited me back to his place and I noticed he had a massage table. He asked if I wanted a rub down when he saw me looking at it. I told him I’d prefer to give him the rub down. He smiled and I quickly started ripping his clothes off. I yanked his draw string shorts down to his knees and was greeted by a nice fat pink cock.

wet handjob

I kissed his big shaved balls and then ran my tongue slowly up his thick manhood and gave his cock head a light playful suck. My daddy enjoyed this very much moaning softly. I got him up on the table and started rubbing massage oil all over his aging body.

When I got to that yummy cock I gave it special attention. He got hard and I rubbed oil up and down until he spurted his hot salty cum all over me. He returned the favor and ate every drop of my load. I gave my new fuck buddy daddy a kiss on the lips and said I’d come back next week and suck it for him long and slow.

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old nudist

slim grandpa

Even if you just want to watch there are nude old men constantly walking up and down. It’s all too much for me. I can’t look at all those juicy old cocks dangling around before I find myself chatting one up and leading him into the bushes to gobble him till he cums down my throat. I’m such a slut!

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