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I find the idea of coming across (excuse the expression) a naked older guy in a forest a massive turn on. I do some bush walking myself and would love to try nude bush walking one day… preferably with some other men. Ones like this two sexy naturists. That shot of the naked grandpa wearing hiking boots is too hot for words! As for the other silver daddy is that a snake??

nude bushwalker

nude in forest

I love this photo… and yes for rather obvious reason. I used to have a rather nice relationship with an an older gent who was really into penis and ball pumping. I had met him online and found he lived fairly nearby. He introduced me to pumping and I would love to go over to his house and watch him get his impressive balls pumped up to their max. He’d pull them just long enough to press them into my face and let me suck on them before putting them back in for further pumping.

huge balls

I would tell him over the phone not to jerk off at all during the week so his fat balls would be fully loaded with cum for me. I would love the sensation of sucking him off and wondering just how much cum was gonna come flying out at me. I would get absolutely bathed in his steamy load sometimes as he seemed to spurt liters of sperm into my mouth. I would massage his heavy balls while he unloaded and made sure i got every last drop out of him. I still miss him and am always on the lookout for a new silver daddy with huge balls.

This sexy bald man has got a really nice body. He is slim and looks fit as hell and man what a bottom half! My eyes were drawn to his sexy butt from the get go but as these picture show he also has a really nice penis. It’s shaft gets thicker and thicker as you get down to his freshly shaved balls.

sexy bald man

sexy butt

hairy asshole

The view of his hot cock and hairy asshole look magic as he presents himself and spreads his cheeks for us. With a dick like that he is just begging for a reacharound no? I’d really like to finger his asshole and jerk him off at the same time. I am sure those silky smooth balls would reward me with a big load of steamy hot man chowder too!

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Wow is about the only thing I could utter when I laid eyes on this sexy silver fox. Dressed in a very expensive looking suit he looks very handsome and I would love to have him as my boss. You could say I would bend over backwards to please him! It was enough just to see him dressed but when he unzipped his fly and pulled out that big fat dick I was practically drooling. That is one gorgeous piece of man meat right there.

man in suit

big cock out of fly

sexy businessman

The full photo set shows this suit daddy displaying his cock out of his fly from various angles. I know a lot of guys who find the sight of a big penis hanging out of an unzipped fly to be highly erotic. Like when you sneak a peek at a guy peeing at the urinal! He also gets naked and jerks off that plump sausage til cum streams down it. See the full episode at Hot Older Male, along with tonnes more sexy silver daddies.

I found this very sexy senior over at Flickr a while back and really loved a set of photos he shot of himself in nothing but a black top hat and bowtie. He is really fit and has a lovely body and I found these pictures of him hot as hell. He sure knows how to pose for a photo too.

top hat nude

hot senior

Shots like these make me fantasize about having him as my ‘special’ butler. I don’t think I would get much done with a handsome gentlemen like this walking around in the nude though although I would find plenty for him to do that would afford me an eyeful of his glorious big cock.

What do you prefer – a long thin cock or a short chubby cock? I’ll always go for thickness especially when the member in question looks as tasty as the one of this handsome bearded daddy. When he pulled down his pants and that hard thick manhood sprang out I was all eyes. The tip of his dick is very pronounced and fat and his shaft just keeps on getting thicker till you reach his freshly shaved balls. I get the feeling this naughty dad likes having them sucked… hey who doesn’t?

chubby cock

bearded daddy

sexy ass

I found a few different sets of photos of this sexy mature man at Hot Older Male and have been hooked on him ever since. That balding head, white beard and delicious looking appendage make him a dreamy silver fox. His got a sexy ass too and I was sure to include a rear view picture of him here. Mmmmm I could definitely have some hot fun with this old guy!

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A really great way to see older guys naked it to visit a nude beach. Most of them are filled with older men and women. The first time I ever went to one I saw some really hot silver daddies completely naked and had a hard time trying to keep my boner hidden. Depending on the beach in question a good proportion of these guys are gay too and looking for a fuck buddy.

male nudists

old nudists

I noticed one really sexy 60 plus year old emerge from the water and as he was walking towards his towel that was behind me I could not take my eyes off his hot body. Water beaded all over his tanned and fit body and his wet cock was memorizing as it bounced slightly as he walked through the sand. I tried to see if he was interested in having some fun with me but he was there with his wife haha. I had to jerk off to my fantasy of sucking his wet dick right there on the beach.

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I have had a thing most of my adult life for older men with balls. I can tell you this stems from an experience I had as teen playing soccer. Our couch was a big and burly older guy. Very much a mans man with stocky physique and was an ex army man. One day at training he was crouching in front of me and two other members of the team who were sitting on the grass. He wanted to discuss tactics for this weeks game. I noticed I could see right up his shorts and got an eyeful of his ball sack. It seemed he had really big balls and I was quite excited to be so close to them. The other boys had noticed too and were exchanging smirks.

grandpas balls

When he got up to leave they burst out laughing and he heard it and looked back at as. They stopped laughing pretty damn quick haha. After the training session coach told me he wanted to see me in the sheds. There he asked me what they were laughing about. I told him honestly what it was and he said “Oh is that all. You weren’t laughing though?”. I said I wasn’t sheepishly to which he said “I think you enjoyed the view” with a raised eyebrow. I made a lame attempt to say I didn’t know what would give him that idea but before I could say anything he pulled his shorts down and was holding his junk up to my face. “Yeah you like these fat balls don’t you?” he demanded. “Lick them!” he demanded as he put his big cum swollen balls up to my face.

big balls

I was excited, scared and horny all at the same time. I ran my tongue over his balls tasting his salty manhood. He moaned loudly as I started to suck gently on his testicles. He almost had to pull my lips away from his ball sack as I was getting so it it. He wanted his cock sucked too and I very much wanted this hunky old guys fat dick in my throat.

I sucked his thick penis and massaged his balls in my hand as I did it. It didn’t take long for him to approach orgasm and I was just waiting for that torrent of warm salty cum to flow down my throat. I got a taste of his precum and then whoosh! The sexy daddy shot out five or six huge loads of cum. I nearly choked swallowing his load but I didn’t want to waste a drop. I couldn’t help but think those big balls really where just full of cum and waiting to explode.

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