This pic of a hunky dad rubbing baby oil all over himself is pretty fucking hot huh? I think so. I am big on massages and love giving them even more than receiving them. I was once dating an older man that was quite furry like this gent. I used to love rubbing warm oil all over his hairy chest and then working my way down to his thick cock. He never shaved and he had a lot of pubic hair. Of course that area got special attention… We went through a lot of oil haha!

oil massage

Needless to say once that juicy cock was all lubed up with oil I would put it to good use. Climbing on top of his wet slippery body was an erotic thrill. I’d guide his wet greasy pole up my ass and tongue kiss my burly daddy as he fucked my tight asshole. We would then swap positions and I would get my turn.

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  1. youngman1 - November 19th, 2010 at 11:09 am

    i want you in my bed right now. oh how sexy you are.

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