I have mentioned this previously but nude beaches can be a great place for a horny hookup with older gents. Some are more ‘gay friendly’ than others but there is one not too far from me that has a lot of older men and a lot of them are quite randy and just looking for a sexy younger lad to play with.

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I was feeling horny yesterday so went to the beach hoping I would get some action. I undressed and walked down to the water. I could sense some eyes on my naked body as I emerged out of the water dripping wet. A grey haired senior was lying on the sand watching me. His eyes were all over me!

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I was drying off and he approached me. We made some small talk and I let him rub some lotion on my back. I could feel his warm prick press against my leg as he rubbed it in. Later we went for a walk behind the rocks.

As soon as we were out of eye sight of the rest of the beach goers I grabbed his hand and moved it onto dick. We stroked each other till we were hard and then I let the dirty old man suck my dick. I gobbled his cock too enjoying the salty taste of his manhood in my mouth. A great quickie under the sun! Might head back tomorrow and see if I can find another naughty nude daddy that wants to let me suck his wiener.

You can see more pictures like these at Male Nudists as well as photos and videos from many different nude beaches and resorts from all over the world.

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  1. Alan - October 9th, 2015 at 6:50 am

    He is magnificent. I just love his cock.

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