I’m not normally all that big on bears in leather and the whole domination thing but I think I could make an exception for this bloke. Call me shallow but I fell in lust with that big glorious cock of his. I like the way it hangs out of that pouch and is ready for servicing… and believe me I would service that hot meat all night long! When he turns around you will see his ass less leather chaps also provide plenty of opportunities!

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So what would you do with this furry daddy? Would you let him bend you over and have his way with your asshole. You’d need to be ready to accommodate a big thick dick like his. Or maybe you would want to fuck his hairy butt?

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I tell ya I visited a nude beach I had heard a lot about the other day and I have never been in the presence of so many naked old men in my life. There were sexy seniors every where and it was a feast for the eyes. In particular I was enjoying looking at the many chub daddies that were leting it all hand out. Only a strategically placed towel could hide my raging hardon as I looked at some really hot chubby men totally naked in front of me.

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I did try to speak to a few of these guys to try and gauge whether they would be interested in a little fun but I don’t think many of them were gay or even bi-curious. I’m gonna go back and keep trying though as the prospect of sucking some fat daddies cock right there on the beach turns me on no end!

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I wish I could just sit there and snap photos of what I saw but it’s too risky. I get my fix though through a site that has tonnes of very high quality photos of male nudists. I can them gaze at their hot bods all day on my screen and imagine I am back there on the sand with them.

Wow is about the only thing I could utter when I laid eyes on this sexy silver fox. Dressed in a very expensive looking suit he looks very handsome and I would love to have him as my boss. You could say I would bend over backwards to please him! It was enough just to see him dressed but when he unzipped his fly and pulled out that big fat dick I was practically drooling. That is one gorgeous piece of man meat right there.

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The full photo set shows this suit daddy displaying his cock out of his fly from various angles. I know a lot of guys who find the sight of a big penis hanging out of an unzipped fly to be highly erotic. Like when you sneak a peek at a guy peeing at the urinal! He also gets naked and jerks off that plump sausage til cum streams down it. See the full episode at Hot Older Male, along with tonnes more sexy silver daddies.

I found this very sexy senior over at Flickr a while back and really loved a set of photos he shot of himself in nothing but a black top hat and bowtie. He is really fit and has a lovely body and I found these pictures of him hot as hell. He sure knows how to pose for a photo too.

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Shots like these make me fantasize about having him as my ‘special’ butler. I don’t think I would get much done with a handsome gentlemen like this walking around in the nude though although I would find plenty for him to do that would afford me an eyeful of his glorious big cock.

I’ve always found the sight of a sexy older guys taking a shower to be one of the biggest turn ons I can imagine. I reckon it stems from when I was still in school and would do diving training with a friend of mine. His dad would take us and teach us as he used to dive in college. I was just starting to find men attractive and his father was definitely a handsome and fit sort of guy.

naked men showering

The first time we went to the shower block I couldn’t help but stare at him as he took his swimmers off and entered the open shower cubicle in the locker room. He had a long penis and it was the first time I had seen a man naked up close. I watched on as the water trickled all over his athletic body and I used a towel to hide my hardon from my friend.

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He turned and faced me and started talking about our diving session as he shampooed his hair with his eyes closed. I finally got to see his big cock up close and I could not take my eyes of it. Later at home I jerked off as I fantasized about a scenario where he asked my to soap up his cock and wash it for him. I looked forward to every training session and soon discovered I could also go there without them and sees other naked men showering.

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This mischievous little teen got sent to stay with her grand parents for a while after getting suspended from school for the umpteenth time. She found her grandpa asleep in his robe on the couch when she came home a little drunk one afternoon. She could help herself from sliding his robe open to see what sort of cock her old granddad had. She was surprised to see he was very well equipped downstairs.

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She touched it and enjoyed the sensation of his warm prick against her skin. She stroked it very lightly and she noticed it was getting hard. She gasped aloud when she saw he was wide awake now and smiling at her. He encouraged her to keep going and this naughty teen was soon sucking on her grandpas fat dick. He was really getting off on having his sweet young grand daughter gobbling his old cock and he got her to get into a 69 position so he could lick out her hot little muff while she sucked him off.

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You won’t believe the dirty sex that happens next between these two. Become a Teens Love Old Men to download the big high quality video of this scene and tonnes more like it.

What do you prefer – a long thin cock or a short chubby cock? I’ll always go for thickness especially when the member in question looks as tasty as the one of this handsome bearded daddy. When he pulled down his pants and that hard thick manhood sprang out I was all eyes. The tip of his dick is very pronounced and fat and his shaft just keeps on getting thicker till you reach his freshly shaved balls. I get the feeling this naughty dad likes having them sucked… hey who doesn’t?

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I found a few different sets of photos of this sexy mature man at Hot Older Male and have been hooked on him ever since. That balding head, white beard and delicious looking appendage make him a dreamy silver fox. His got a sexy ass too and I was sure to include a rear view picture of him here. Mmmmm I could definitely have some hot fun with this old guy!

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Another hot fantasy story for you today. I met this fat older guy at a nude bush walking trip. It was my first time there and he was very friendly and he sure did like checking out my body as we walked. I kind of had a thing for bigger old guys too so I found it exciting to have me lusting over my ass when he was behind me. After a while I would make sure to really let him get a good look at my ass as I climbed up a rock in front of him.

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After the walk was done we were all sweaty as hell. He asked me back to his place which was local for a shower and a beer. I was more than willing! He asked if I minded if one of his friends joined us which was okay with me.

I let him shower first and kicked back with a beer while I waited. My turn came and as I was drying off I could hear talking. His buddy had arrived. I got out of the shower and to my great surprise both of these fat daddies were naked and lying on the bed next to each other. They both had hardons and smiled at me.

I let my towel drop so the could see me nude and crawled on the bed towards them. I wanted both those big dicks in my mouth and took turns gobbling both of them. “Show Bob that sexy little asshole that’s been teasing my dick all day” my hiking friend said. I turned around and got on all fours so they could see my ass. I spread my cheeks open and looked back at them and said “which horny daddy is gonna stick their cock in me first?”

Bob got on his knees and licked my asshole for a while and then plugged his manhood in me. He fucked me long and slow and then puled out to give his friend a turn. His dick was slightly bigger and I really wanted him to fuck me ass hard. He did too. He rode my ass and ended up blowing his load inside me. Before I could get up old Bob mounted me again and got his sloppy seconds. He cum inside me too while my nudist buddy sucked me off.

This threesome became a regular event and I really enjoyed sex with two fat dads at once.

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