I have had a thing most of my adult life for older men with balls. I can tell you this stems from an experience I had as teen playing soccer. Our couch was a big and burly older guy. Very much a mans man with stocky physique and was an ex army man. One day at training he was crouching in front of me and two other members of the team who were sitting on the grass. He wanted to discuss tactics for this weeks game. I noticed I could see right up his shorts and got an eyeful of his ball sack. It seemed he had really big balls and I was quite excited to be so close to them. The other boys had noticed too and were exchanging smirks.

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When he got up to leave they burst out laughing and he heard it and looked back at as. They stopped laughing pretty damn quick haha. After the training session coach told me he wanted to see me in the sheds. There he asked me what they were laughing about. I told him honestly what it was and he said “Oh is that all. You weren’t laughing though?”. I said I wasn’t sheepishly to which he said “I think you enjoyed the view” with a raised eyebrow. I made a lame attempt to say I didn’t know what would give him that idea but before I could say anything he pulled his shorts down and was holding his junk up to my face. “Yeah you like these fat balls don’t you?” he demanded. “Lick them!” he demanded as he put his big cum swollen balls up to my face.

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I was excited, scared and horny all at the same time. I ran my tongue over his balls tasting his salty manhood. He moaned loudly as I started to suck gently on his testicles. He almost had to pull my lips away from his ball sack as I was getting so it it. He wanted his cock sucked too and I very much wanted this hunky old guys fat dick in my throat.

I sucked his thick penis and massaged his balls in my hand as I did it. It didn’t take long for him to approach orgasm and I was just waiting for that torrent of warm salty cum to flow down my throat. I got a taste of his precum and then whoosh! The sexy daddy shot out five or six huge loads of cum. I nearly choked swallowing his load but I didn’t want to waste a drop. I couldn’t help but think those big balls really where just full of cum and waiting to explode.

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This be-speckled daddy got himself a new boyfriend – a handsome young latino that he met at a gay club. This daddy admirer knew he wanted to play son to this sexy older man the minute he lay eyes on him. They had a couple of drinks together and he went home with the handsome silver haired gentlemen.

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As soon as they were inside his apartment and alone he embraced his new daddy lover. They kissed passionately as he offered himself submissively to the older man. He rubbed his fat cock through his trousers as they tongue kissed.

They both started to disrobe and were soon naked and horny as all fuck. The son was totally into his daddy fantasy and he wanted that old cock in his tight asshole. He lay on his back and lifted his legs in the air spreading his butt cheeks wide and presenting his love hole. His new fuck buddy needed no further invitation and slide his hard dick into his quivering anus and started banging him face to face.

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Now here is a sexy muscle daddy that I would love to ravish all night. I’m a sucker for a big beefy hunk like this and the sight of that powerful furry chest and hairy abs make me weak at the knees. His burly torso is like a devils playground for a bear daddy admirer like me. The mere thought of running my hands over that muscular body and covering it with kisses gets me rock hard.

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This man actually reminds me a lot of a football couch I had when I was a teen. I was always excited by him and the days he had his shirt off at training I could barely take my eyes off him. He incorporated swimming into our training at one stage and I got to see him in Speedos. I was struggling to hide my boner as I lusted after his muscular body.

Later in the shower block he slid his black briefs off and took a shower. My eyes were glued to his muscular and hairy buttocks and beefy thighs as he soaped himself up. I just stood there memorized by this handsome hunk of a man and I think I jerked off to this memory of him showering naked for months. Ah those were great times!

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I wanted to share this photo of a really sexy older chub. I love this pic as he emerges from the pool with water dripping off his magnificent body. I would love to towel down his big and burly body and kiss him all over. I would start at his hairy barrel chest then move down to his gut and then on to that fat juicy cock.

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Once I had this chubby daddy nice and hard I would get him to lie on his back so I could sit on his cock and ride him. I would kiss him passionately and rub his hairy chest while he pumped my ass full of his hard dick.

I’d let him pound my bum until he was ready to cum but I wouldn’t let him blow too soon. I’d want to nail his fat ass first. I would get my nude daddy on his hands and knees and butt fuck him doggy style. My hands griping his powerful shoulders for grip I would ram my dick deep into him until I was ready to bust all over him bareback.

Holy shit! Check out the package on this big dick daddy! I’m not sure whether this sexy dad is a pumper or what but I can’t stop staring at the glorious huge penis. Not only is it long it’s nice and thick with a pronounced cock head… this is the perfect dick for sucking. If he were mine I would service that glorious meat pole all night.

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I do like a sexy older man who is well presented and well dressed. One of my first sexual experiences with a guy like this was with a man who was running a business seminar I was attending once. When he introduced himself at just before the seminar started I was really captivated by his sexiness. He must have been mid sixties, dressed in an expensive suit and very well groomed. I wanted him.

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Every time he spoke on the stage I found myself lusting after this very sexy older gentleman. I started to fantasize a little about what he would look like naked. He mentioned people could feel free to speak with him after the days talk in the lounge bar. I knew this could be an opportunity to get close to this gorgeous man for a while.

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I met him there and was happy to see no one else took up his offer. I had him all to myself! We had a couple of drinks and talked about the course material then the waitress told us the bar was closing. He said we could go to his room and have another drink there if I still wanted to continue the discussion. I was more than eager!

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We both had a scotch on the rocks and he took off his jacket and took his tie off. My eyes were glued to this incredibly sexy mature as he also unbuttoned a couple of buttons of his shirt revealing a somewhat hairy chest. Make yourself comfortable he said and I did similar. He freshened our drinks and I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to make a move. I was getting drunk and my inhibitions were low. I told him I found him very sexy. He said he could tell and told me he was gay too.

I moved close to him and unbuttoned his shirt all the way and kissed his chest as I did it. We then tongue kissed and he rubbed my cock through my pants. My knees were shaking with this hot encounter. I could feel the bulge in his trousers as it pressed against my thigh. I dropped to my knees and undid his belt. I gazed into the gay grandpas face as I pulled his pants down and revealed a nice big fat cock. I kissed it all over before taking it into my mouth and sucking it savoring the salty taste. He moaned as I gave his old cock a blowjob.

After I sucked his dick he sat on the lounge chair and spread his legs giving my a glimpse of his ass. He spreads his buttocks wide and stretched his asshole open. “Why don’t you stick that young cock of yours in here” he said to me with a wink. This was all I needed to hear and I slipped my rock hard dick into his anus all the way to my balls. We kissed as I fucked his old ass and he whispered in my ear than he wanted me to cum in his ass. I was ready to blow pretty quick and I came inside him as he wanted. We took a shower together and I went back to my room in euphoria. I never saw him again sadly but he was the sexiest gay grandpa I have meet to this day!

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This old white man though all his Christmases had come at once when he managed to hook up with two hot black guys young enough to be his grandsons. He had always fancied black boys and was longing to have sex with one. He couldn’t believe his luck now that he had two of them reading to nail his old ass.

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The boys helped the dirty old grandpa undress and they got naked too. He licked his lips as they revealed their tight firm asses and big black cocks. He wanted those fat chocolate dicks in his mouth. He took hold of one and started licking and sucking it while the other guy went around the back of him and eased his dick into the old mans butthole.

The white daddy was soon getting ass fucked hard as the young thug pumped him full of thick black cock. He was loving the sensation of one tool in his anus and the other in his mouth. The boys switched around and he got a taste of the other sexy black boys penis.

They kept on fucking the dirty old man till they were ready to blow and then they blasted their cum load on him. He loved the feeling of their warm sperm covering his face and wished he could fuck these boys every day.

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I got really turned on by this powerfully built bear daddy when I was browsing his photos at Hot Older Male. I have always been really attracted to big hunky older men like him dressed in suits. I think it goes back to the time I was working for a guy who fit that description to a tee. He wasn’t gay or anything but I loved being around him and used to fantasize about work situations where he and I would have sex right there in the office.

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It never happened of course but still it was nice to slip into the bathroom at work and jerk off while dreaming I was sucking his fat cock through his suit fly or taking his big dick in my ass. I know he had a really thick cock too because he fucked one of the receptions and heard her telling the other office girls in graphic detail about it plus I was checking out his bulge every chance I got hah!

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