This white haired bear daddy is about the hottest thing I have seen all week. I love his confident appearance and the hairy chest as he kicks back smoking a huge cuban cigar. He reminds me of a guy I met once on a gay cruise. He was kicking back with a scotch completely naked on the deck. As soon as I saw this striking looking older guy I knew I wanted him. I was only 20 myself and felt drawn to his strong fatherly appearance.

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As I got closer I could tell he was looking at my body too. We made some small talk and I was very nervous. My eyes kept drifting to her is beautiful big cock. He had a cockring on and he had an impressive package for sure. He said I should take my board shorts off too. I said I was a bit shy about these things and then he asked if I wanted to come to his cabin for a drink. Bingo!

Turns out he was a high flyer and had a huge private suite. We had a couple of drinks and I got naked too. He said he wanted to ravish my slim young body and I told him to go for it. He kissed and licked me all over. My knees trembled as the hairy power daddy bent me over the table and licked my asshole with his rough tongue. He grabbed his swollen cock and said “you want this don’t you?” I said “oh yes” breathlessly.

He sat back in the leather recliner and got his cock hard. I climbed on top of him and guided his fat dick into my still wet asshole. I rode the hot polar bears dick while rubbing his hairy chest and stroking his beard. This old guy could fuck for ages too and I rode him for what seemed like half an hour before he told me he was about to blow.

I quickly dismounted my cruise ship lover and positioned myself to receive his load. He let loose a four or five huge spurts of hot cum that drenched my face. I wasn’t expecting that but I loved it. He then went down on me taking my dick and balls in his mouth at once and gave me a really forceful blowjob. I came quickly and he swallowed my load.

I fucked this gay bear daddy every day for the rest of the rest of the holiday and the sex with him was amazing. To this day it was the best cruise I have been on.

I often find myself looking at chubby daddies like this guy on the street or at the mall and wondering what they are packing if you catch my drift. When I started browsing this beefy silver daddies photos at Hot Older Male I thought ‘I bet his got a nice cock’. As he unbuttoned his shirt I saw his thick belly and powerful chest and wanted to start kissing it and slowly move south.

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He then dropped his white underwear and let his fat cock pop over the top. What a glorious sight huh? That thick juicy dick and his bush of grey pubic hair look like a whole lot of fun. I would love to have this hot dads meat in my mouth and I would suck him til he cum down my throat. I’d love to be on top of him too with that thick cock inside me while I rub his barrel chest.

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Now heres a sexy older black guy that I would not mind having some fun with. He reminds me of a big and burly guy that used to be the maintenance man in an apartment block I used to live. I first saw him when I had a leak in the bathroom of my unit and he came to take a look at it. I was immediately turned on by the sight of this fat black daddy in his work overalls. He was an impressive sight with his big belly jutting out and he had a powerful presence.

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He started to look at the facet and was on his hands and knees and I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about fucking this fat man from behind. I was getting pretty fucking horny and then suddenly the pipe he was tightening broke off and started spraying water all over the place. He was desperately trying to stop the flow as water drenched him.

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He finally got it to stop and we were both soaking wet. I saw this as an opportunity and suggested he get out his wet overalls and I could give him some dry clothes to wear. He was okay with that and I went and got some clothes for him and came back into the bathroom just in time to see him taking off his underwear. The sight of this big fat black dad naked in front of me was too much. I was overcome with lust for him and as I looked into his eyes I knew he was aware of it.

I moved towards him almost involuntarily and started kissing his big belly. The feeling of his fat wet stomach pressing against my face felt amazing and he gently pushed down on my head guiding me towards his fat cock. His penis was really thick and stubby just like him and I opening my mouth and started to suck this chubby daddy. His wet gut pressed against my forehead as I gobbled his dick.

He was grunting loudly which was making me even more horny. I heard him say ‘here it comes’ and I kept sucking waiting for this fat daddy to blow. He shuddered as an orgasm rocked him and he blew a big hot salty load of cum in my mouth. I wanted this moment to last forever as I swallowed his cum load and sucked the last drops for his thick cock.

I didn’t fuck him that day but I would regularly call upon him with a whole host of fake maintenance requirements and we had a lot of fun. One day he got canned for something I never got to see him again. I still miss the sex I had with that sexy black daddy.

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I’n not sure whether I like an uncircumcised penis more than a circumcised one. It depends on the guy and question and what sort of foreskin he has I guess. When it’s a nice long foreskin that can cover the whole cock head like the one this sexy older man has got then give me an uncut cock any day!

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In this series of pictures we get to see this gorgeous old guy strip naked then pull that big uncut penis out. He rolls his foreskin back and forward over his cock head and plays with his saggy balls. As he gets rock hard he starts wanking that hot cock harder and I found myself waiting for this sexy daddy to blow. He rewards us too with a a big spurt of creamy sperm that runs down his dick and over his balls and hand. Mmmm would loved to help him clean up that sticky mess!

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This handsome bear daddy has been pumping his penis for years. He loves the feeling of having a big swollen cock and loves the attention it draws when he walks around with a big bulge in his pants. As soon as he is fully pumped he whacks a cock ring on to help prolong the increased length and girth a good pump session gives.

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I really liked this set of photos of him I saw at Hot Older Male. He has a sexy firm body with a hairy chest that I would love to play with while riding his fat dick. You would want to be lubed up loose though to accommodate this muscular matures pumped cock. It’s beer can thick and he looks like the type that would really slam your ass hard.

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The sexy older daddy met with a hot 40 year old for an afternoon of man love. He was horny as hell and when his new fuck buddy helped him take his trousers off he could see the unmistakable bulge of his big hard on underneath his underwear. He himself was getting rock hard just thinking about this old mans dick and how good it was going to feel up his ass.

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He yanked balding grandfathers underpants down and they moved to the couch. He knelt in front on the old guys cock and started sucking him off. He cupped and massaged his cum swollen balls as he gobbled on that senior cock.

His turn came next. Grandpa wanted some of his thick dick in his mouth too and sucked him for a while. What they both really wanted though was a good fucking. Grandpa wanted to be top and his younger hairy dad lover wanted to be bottom. They both got their wish as the old timer stuck his cock up his hairy asshole and started riding his firm ass.

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I’ve collected a lot of pictures of nude old guys over the years but this hung grandpa is my all time favorite. Check out the huge cock this 70 year old grandfather is packing! I could barely believe it when I saw that gorgeous slab of man meat hanging between his legs.

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Below is a short fantasy story about this hot grandpa:

I was working as a mobile carer that would go to the homes of elderly men and help them with any household chores they needed. I was called to the home of a 72 year old grandfather who was new to the service. I went there not knowing what to expect or what he needed. When he answered the door I saw he was in a wheel chair with a broken ankle. He was quite cute and charming.

He said he needed help with a few things and I started on the menial stuff like vacuuming. I noticed him watching me closely and in particular staring at my ass. I didn’t mind giving these lonely horny old men a peek either. In fact it turned me on that they were looking. I was getting very horny myself at the thought I might be able to get a little hands on with this sexy grandpa.

I casually asked if he could shower or bath and he admitted that was one of the things he needed help with. He was a bit sheepish and embarrassed about it but I told him not to be and I would take care of it. I decided I wanted to give him a sponge bath rather than carry him to the shower.

I helped him undress and soon had him down to his jocks. It was then I noticed a huge bulge in this old mans underwear. It wasn’t a boner he had either just a big bulge. When I pulled his white y-fronts off I nearly fainted when I saw his penis. It was huge! It was also the most beautiful cock I had ever seen on an old guy. It was soft, milky white and thick and hung halfway down his leg.

I had trouble tearing my eyes off this impressive piece of meat but I tried to stay calm. I started giving him his sponge bath by beginning at his chest and slowly working my way down. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was going to enjoy giving that big cock a thorough wash.

When I got down to his privates I soaped his fat soft dick up and gently rubbed up and down the shaft. I then worked his plump cock head in my wet soapy hand enjoying then sensation. I looked into his eyes and it was obvious grandpa was enjoying the sensation too. I took a risk there and then I was so over come with lust for this silver daddy. I leaned over and started kissing him on the lips while I continued rubbing his huge cock.

We were soon tongue kissing passionately and I continued wanking him. He didn’t seem to get totally hard which is not unusual for a man of his age and I kind of liked the sensation of a softish penis. I dried him off and then knew I had to have that glorious cock in my mouth. I dropped to my knees and started gently sucking on grandpas huge dick.

My own cock was rock hard by this stage as I kept of suckling on his chubby rod. After what seemed like an hour he finally seemed to be reaching orgasm. I wanted every drop of this sexy matures cum in my mouth and on my face and when he finally blew I got it too! The old timer shot an impressive was of hot cum on my face and I then let him suck on my cock and returned the favor. He loved it!

Needless to say I always looked forward to my appointments with this big dick grand daddy!

This horny daddy invited one of his new friends around for a threesome with his son boyfriend. The younger guy was very excited at the prospect of having two hot older men at once and couldn’t wait to meet his daddies friend. When he arrived he was glad to find he was just as old his lover.

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It didn’t take long before both these mature gents were undressing each other and kissing passionately. The boy was getting so hot just watching as these two 50 year old men were naked in front of him. He got naked and joined in first sucking off the strangers wrinkled cock and then letting him fuck his tight asshole while he gobbled his current boyfriend.

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