One day last year I was at a nude beach and noticed a chubby older guy. He has a nice covering of fur all over his torso. He went for a swim and as he was walking back to his towel I could not help but notice what a gorgeous cock he had. It was really thick and looked so yummy with water dripping off of it.

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I smiled he smiled back and I went over and we started chatting. Half an hour later we went for a walk over the rocks to the most secluded part of the beach. “I want your fat dick in me daddy” I whispered in his breathlessly as I gave his dick a quick tug. It felt so heavy and meaty in my hand and I could not wait to get it in my mouth.

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I remember sucking his salty manhood for like 15 minutes. I knew his big balls were loaded and when the cute daddy finally unleashed he nearly drowned me in his cum!

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We don’t feature nearly enough hot black daddies on this site. It’s not by preference either.. there just aren’t enough of them to show. Well lets right that here and now with some very hot pics of a beefy stallion I spotted over at Pantheon Bear earlier today. His hairy muscular torso was the first thing revealed and as I was looking at him with out his shirt I kept thinking I wanted to rub my hands all over his sweaty muscular chest and then kiss all down his abs.

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When he got completely naked it was his really thick cock I couldn’t take my eyes off. That thing is as thick as a beer can and a lot more tasty I bet! Love to find out for real. I’d work my tongue all up and down that greased up shaft til he rewarded me with wads of hot cum.

The shots of him on his back with that big hard fat dick pointing north are amongst the best from his set. What I’d give to plant my sweet white ass on that dick and ride this sexy African stud. My hands all over his powerful manly chest while that relentless dick kept hammering my hole.

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I was at the mall yesterday and I saw a really old guy hand in hand with a really pretty girl. I’m like 99.9% sure the girl was his grand daughter but you never know. Hehe especially when you work in porn and know all about sugar daddies and sites like Old Farts Young Tarts. I started imagining the gorgeous teenager sucking her grandfathers cock after they get home from shopping. Maybe that’s how it works with her. The more money he spends on her the more special attention he gets when they get home!

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The dirty old man gentle takes off the young girls underpants. Her smooth little pussy stares him in the face and he goes down on her eighteen year old pussy. He hadn’t tasted pussy as sweet and tasty as hers in decades. Next he flips her over and licks her ass before drilling her wet slit with his big grandpa cock.

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Whether you like your men big and beefy or slim and smooth like this handsome daddy you’ll always find something hot to spank it to at Hot Older Male. I saw this slimly built dad this morning when I was looking for a model to feature. One look at his beautiful smooth cut cock and balls had me convinced!

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The shot of him parting his ass cheeks and showing his asshole while that tasty dick stands to attention had me drooling! What I’d give to run my tongue all around his asshole then straight up his taint and all over his fat shaved balls. After giving those nuts of his a long wet suck I’d take his entire cock in my mouth and suckle him. I would not release that juicy prick til it has filled my mouth with semen either.

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This naked old guy sleeping reminds me of a hot weekend I had with a fat daddy a few years back. We were on his boat the entire weekend and had a great time – fishing etc as well as the hot sex! I was very much his naughty little toy boy and I think the long sex we had all night on the Saturday tired him out. In the morning he was laying naked asleep and snoring like a bear. His smooth cock was still making my dick hard despite having had it in my mouth most of the previous evening I still wanted to suck him off again.

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I decided to give him a sleep blowjob. I had never had any form of sleep sex before but I knew this sexy fat dad wouldn’t mind a morning hummer from his sweet boy. I kissed his hairy balls first and then took his soft prick in my mouth and gently sucked it. He didn’t even stir! He was getting harder and I kept on gobbling away at the musty old dick of his. Once he was fully hard and his dick was oozing precum he woke up and smiled at me working his shaft.

I kept going til the overweight old man rewarded my slutty mouth with a spray of his man love. Needless to say he wanted more wake up calls like that from me and I really enjoyed giving them!

Are you a boxers or briefs guy? I often think this when I see a handsome older guy at say the mall or out and about. It’d be nice to be able to just walk up to them, unbuckle their trousers and find out first hand for myself. Hmmmm that might not go down so well lol. I would like to find a sexy salt and pepper daddy like this that way. The beefy senior looks hot laying back there in just his grey boxer shorts.


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He pushes them down to expose his thick circumcised prick. He keeps a soft patch of pubic hair rather than shave and I am wild about that. It’s just the type of big tasty cock I could suck off all night. This daddy would have to pry my cock hungry lips away from his manhood with force I think!

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Some really old daddies need a lot of sucking to get them hard. I hooked up with a guy who was almost 80 years old and boy did I have to give his prick a long sucking before he managed to get a full erection. Not that I mind that mmmm!

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I don’t think this would be the case with Conrad Morales. He seems to have no trouble getting that thick stubby dick of his rock hard. It may not be the longest piece of man meat we have posted but damn that looks like a lot of fun. I love the shape of his uncut manhood and how it gets really thick at the base of his shaft.

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A hot furry daddy for all you bear lovers today. This gay has a medium covering of hair all over his slightly chubby body. The most is the big patch of grey hair on his chest. I know a young twink you loves that kind of guy. He would be offering up his smooth little asshole to this hairy stud to do with what he may. I’ve rimmed his tasty 19 year old ass many times so I know this furry hunk would be in for a real treat.

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These are just a few photos from the full series. I really enjoyed the full set and watching this hirsute mature gay play with his cut cock till it was rock hard. I bet this horny daddy knows how to fuck a eager ass too. I’d love to have that thick meat stick up my bum!

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